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Tuesday –2-nd Join your friends at the Business/Membership meeting at Castello's (the site of the former Buck and Clyde's). Dinner 6 PM/Meeting 7 PM. We'll be discussing the November activities. Also, this would be a great time to purchase your tickets for the Christmas Dance. Tickets will be on sale from Board Members. We also look forward to a report from the nominating committee.

Thursday –4-th Join members of the Quota Club at a Bingo Party to benefit Girls' Inc. on Kolb Ave. It should be a lot of fun for a great cause. Call Elaine DeMarco for information.

Friday 5-th Join Doris Tice at the Human Experience Theater for "Social Security". Call the theater for a reservation (323-3689) and be sure to ask for the Doris Tice table. Doors of the Theater open at 7:15 P.M. Bring a picnic basket and join your Friends for an exciting evening.

Saturday 6-th Join Anne and Tom at the Steeple Chase.. If you plan to attend this event, please be sure to look for Anne and Tom in the infield. They will serve you a complimentary glass of wine and snacks. Enjoy the Chase.

Sunday-7-th Join your Friends for Lunch at the Holiday Inn on the Manchester Exp. They have a wonderful buffet. Lunch begins at 12:15. Audrey Brown will be our hostess. See you there.

Thursday-11-th Board Meeting tonight, 7:00 PM at Elaine DeMarco's.

Saturday-13-th Join your Friends at 9:00 P.M. at the Shrine Club in Phenix City for dancing. Audrey Brown will be our hostess. See you there.

Tuesday-16-th Today is the day to join your Friends at the Cotton Mouths Hockey game. Let’s meet

For dinner at B. Merrell’s at 6:00, and then go down for a fun evening at the Snake Pit. If you would like to

come, call Anne 568-1913 and bring your money to the Business Meeting We will get the tickets for you!

Tickets are $11.00.

Saturday-20-th If you enjoy dancing, join your friends at the Pine Knot Pub In Pine Mountain for dinner at 6:00 P.M. and then on to Callaway Gardens for drinks and dancing. Let's Party!

Tuesday-23-rd Join your Friends at 7:00 PM at Rio Bravo for Drinks! After Happy Hour, Chuck Knight has invited the club to his apartment for wine and cheese. See you there. Let's have a good crowd.

Thursday-25-th Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy this holiday, and rest up for the Christmas Dance.