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Friday, Saturday, Sunday-April 30. May 1,2 We'll be in Florida this weekend. We'll miss everyone who could not come, but we plan to have a great time!

Tuesday –4-th Join your friends at the Business/Membership meeting at Holiday Inn Manchester Expressway. Dinner 6 PM/Meeting 7 PM. We'll be discussing the May activities.

Saturday-8-th Join a group of your Friends for dinner at 6:00 at Café Mediterranean , and then go on to the Symphony. Don’t forget to call the Symphony office early for your tickets. (323-5059). Then go to get desert after the concert. Please let either Anne or Tom know if you plan to join them (568-1913 or 660-9598).

Friday-14-th Join Doris Tice at the Human Experience Theater for "Forever Plaid". Call the theater for a reservation (323-3689) and be sure to ask for the Doris Tice table. Doors of the Theater open at 7:15 P.M. Bring a picnic basket and join your Friends for an exciting evening. This is the weekend for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. This worthwhile project seeks to remember those who have died of this terrible disease, and to help raise money to find a cure. The event will be held at Kinnett Stadium.

Sunday-16-th Join your Friends for Lunch at the Sheraton. They have a wonderful buffet. Lunch begins at 12:15. See you there. For your information, there will be a free concert at Werecoba Park. This is not a planned activity for the club, but should be fun if anyone wants to go. The concert starts at 5:00 P.M. You can bring a picnic supper and enjoy the music.

Tuesday 18-th Join your Friends at the Hilton for Happy Hour! There will be complimentary snacks as their way of showing us their appreciation for using them to host the mixer.

Saturday-29-th Join your Friends at Tom McKibben's cabin at Lake Harding for the club's annual Memorial Day party. Bring your bathing suit, your fishing pole, and anything else you want to bring, and come on out to the lake. There should be a lot of great food, and a great time for everybody. Also…BYOB.