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March Activities


March Activities

Tuesday -2-nd Join your friends at the Business meeting at Mike and Ed's Barbeque (the old McKinley's). Dinner 6 :00 P.M. / Meeting 7:00 P.M.

Saturday-6-th If you enjoy dancing, join your friends in Pine Mountain at the Pine Knot Pub for dinner, and then on to Callaway Gardens for drinks and dancing. Dinner at 7:00, and dancing afterward. Let's Party!

Saturday 13th Join a group of your Friends for dinner at 6:00 at Applebee's at Peachtree and go on to the Springer. Don't forget to call the Box Office early for your tickets. This show is Oklahoma, and should be a lot of fun. Then we'll go back to Applebees for dessert after the play. Please let Tom know if you plan to join them (660-9598). If you don't want to see the play at that time, feel free to come for dinner or dessert.

Monday-15 th Beware the Ide's of March! Our Friends aren't like Brutus! Come join us for Italian food at the Pizza Hut on the Manchester Expressway at 6:00 P.M.

Thursday- 18- th Today is the day to Join your Friends at the Columbus Museum. There is a new Café at the museum, and we can eat together and then we can wall through the galleries or attend the book signing by Michael G. Ankerich who is signing his new book The Sound of Silence: Conversations With 16 Film and Stage Personalities Who Bridge the Gap Between Silent and Talkies. We an also attend the film Mildred Pierce Presented by the Film Society. Admission to the film is $5.00

Saturday-20- th --Join your Friends for an evening at the Columbus Symphony. First we'll meet and eat at Crystal River at 6:00 P.M. Then go on to the symphony. Dessert to be determined by consensus. Also save your ticket stubs. You'll need them for a discount on Sunday lunch at the Hilton.,

Sunday -21 -st Join your Friends for lunch at the Columbus Hilton. Those of you going to the symphony will receive a discount. But, even if you don't have a ticket stub, come anyway. We're sure to have a great time.

Friday -26-th Join Doris Tice at the Human Experience Theater for No Sex Please, We're British. This is a fun show so if you want to have a fun evening, call the theater for a reservation (322-3689) and be sure to ask for the Doris Tice table. Doors of the theater open at 7:15 P.M. Bring a picnic basket and join your Friends for an exciting evening.

Saturday -27-th Let's make lots of new friends at the Public Mixer down at the Hilton. We're having complementary snacks, and a cash bar. Join us at the Hilton. Hunter's Lounge.

Tuesday 30-th -- Today is the day to join your Friends at the Cotton Mouths Hockey game. Let's meet for dinner at B. Merrell's at 6:00, and then go down for a fun evening at the Snake Pit. If you would like to come, call Tom (660-9598) and bring your money to the Business Meeting ,the Happy Hour, or to the Public Mixer . We will get the tickets for you! Tickets are $11.00.