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This page is for that small Rubble or Pieces of Masonic Information and Questions we all wish we knew or had answers for. To submit your Piece of Information or Question, just e-mail it to us and we will add it here. Fraternally, Cochran Masonic Lodge #217 Webmaster.

I am a member of the English St. John's Lodge 673 Meeting in Woolton Hall,Woolton England. I need a midi file of the Master's song better known perhaps as the traditional" Heres to his health in a song". Can you help? Bro. David Gareth Morgan, S.D. Please email Mail me at Bro. D.G.Morgan,S.D.

I'm the Webmaster of this page & I collect By-Laws from Masonic Lodges. If anyone has an extra copy of their By-Laws and is willing to give it up, please send me an e-mail. Fraternally, Harry A. Bruno, PM/Webmaster #217

I am the Worshipful Master of Ely Lodge #424 in Vermilion Ohio. I am looking foward to finding a place that I can get information on and give ideas on how to improve the community outlook of Masonry. We have to let them know we are out there.We are using a program that I and another Brother came up with, it is called the Buck-a-month Club. We have 96 members as of now, we collect 12 months in advance ($12) then as months pass we drop off 1 dollar for each month that has passed. We then donate each month the amount of money we have for each member to a Needy Famely or orginazation or Charity, These must not have any administrative Fees, Then we put it in the local news paper. Frank Oswalt W.M. Ely #424 Vermilion Ohio

I am looking for any Brother who was a member of Clayton W. Roberts Lodge #175 F&AM, G.L. of the Phillipines, located on Okinawa. This Lodge has now merged with Okinawa Lodge #118. Please e-mail: Harry A. Bruno, PM

If you have anything you wish to add to our special page, just drop us a line Cochran Masonic Lodge #217

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