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Ah, boo! No more spring break, oh well. Back to school, but not too much longer for me!!! Also, let me know what I can do to update my page!! I have no ideas!!

Hello! Thanx SO much for visiting my page! I finally got the time to make one up. Before I say anything else, I want to say thank you to all the nice people who let me steal stuff from them, without you, this page wouldn't be here. If anyone has anything that they'd like me to add in, mail me
and I will be sure to put it in next chance I get, along with your name and (if you'd like) your email. Please be patient with me, I may only be able to get on once a week, but I will try my best to respond to any questions or comments you have. Anyways... On to the BSB. This isn't a page by some obsessed lunatics, I just really like them and their music. When I(Meg) first heard their single, "Quit Playing Games[With my Heart]," I knew they were gonna be big. They were cute AND they had (gee, you don't think *g*) REALLY GOOD VOICES! You don't find that every day. When I(Meg) saw the video, I had to have one of my friends tell me who was who and I immediately liked Nick(I think everyone else is cute too...). Once I learned a little more about them, I got more into them than before. After a while I grew to be like I am now: a really big BSB fan. I hope you enjoy the page, and I'll try to add more later. Again , please let me know if you have anything you'd like to add! I'll try to put up atleast one or two new things each day. HTML code gets pretty boring after a while. (by Meg: Try typing it for 5 hours straight!) Also, there aren't going to be many changes unless it's in the profile or lyric department. I have decided on working more on the things that people will look at than working more on adding more pages to work on. I hope to have everything up soon. Also, if you wanted me to put your page up, then please email me with the address in link form and the name of your page. If I borrowed things from your page please note that in the message, if not, just tell us you wanted your link on our page.
Meg.Tigger *peaceluvhappiness* :>)

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  • Kevin Richardson
  • Howie Dorough
  • Bian Littrell
  • A.J. McLean
  • Nick Carter

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