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This is the newest addition to the Toy Box. Ofcourse we had to give something up, so the van went bye-bye. Now, I have a SONY Mobile ES CD player back in it's box.

The new ride is a 1998 JEEP Grand Cherokee Laredo. Its a 2wd with almost every option you can get in a Laredo, to include leather and the Infinity GOLD sound system. It's powered by the 4.0, which as time goes by will probably recieve a few power upgrades... low priced ones.

Being that I just got into Ham Radio I had to get a good mobile radio. I got a Yeasu FT-90 and mounted it in the ZJ. Click the pic below to see the page.

While In North Carolina for the Jeeps Unlimited Right Coast Run, we found ourselves exploring the countryside. Visit by clicking the pic below.


While onthe way to get Lori a car, we were criuzing thru Gadsden, Alabama in the ZJ on the way up to Madison, AL where the car was. I was driving in the center of 3 norh bound lanes on HWY 431. The light ahead changed to yellow. ALL of us applied the brakes coming to a stop. As I stopped, I hear screeching behind. I saw it coming. I hit the gas but was hit almost immediately.

The guy (kid, actually) that hit me was upset ofcourse, since he was driving his Dad's truck. He told the cop on scene that I had stopped for a GREEN light. Yep. I guess that's why everyone else had stopped also... happens all the time in Alabama, I guess. The only thing I got gratification out of was the fact that the truck had to be towed from the scene. The frame on the ZJ was bent, but we were able to drive on to our destination.The ZJ has since been repaired and is in top condition.

The ZJ has been converted to 4 Wheel Drive and is currently running at about 5.5" of lift and 31-10.50's. It is equiped with a ARB Bullbar and Warn M8000 winch (stolen from the CJ). I had it on 31-10.50 ProComp M/Ts, but have switched to used BFG A/Ts since it's used more on the road than off. The Yeasu FT90 has since been removed and installed in the wife's "new" van, a '97 Plymouth Grand Voyager. The ZJ now cradles a Yeasu FT100. I can be found at Quadratec BB System or you can visit the NAGCA and search my screen name



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