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Ok. Here's the break down. The front end has to come apart, right? First off, I suggest you get a manual. Read it and try to follow any directions.

Now, here's the pics. After removing the outter part of the hub, you'll be looking at this:

You need to remove the snap ring on the axle stub against the hub gear.
Now since the hub assembly is off the axle, you can remove the wheel bearing nuts. On the early CJ there is a different design. Instead of 2 nuts, there is a "lock nut" of sorts, that actually has up to 3 small allen head "bolts" to add tention to the pair... and also to "lock" into a special washer. You'll see it when it's apart. If you look at the second pic above, you'll note the small allen wrench plugged into one of the allen bolts.

Once the brake stuff is off, and the hub removed, you can look to the spindle. Remove the 6 nuts holding it on, and you may need a slide hammer. I just happened to have one. A few good WHAKs... and...

This is what you get.

Grrrrreat!... I went over tot he passenger's side to remove that one. Same steps... Just when I pulled the spindle off, the axle slid out with it. "No big deal" I thought. Well. It was worse thatn that....

You can see the needle bearings.... or what's left of them on the axle stub and in the spindle. Note metal shavings in the spindle. Also the scored bearing surface on the stub. :-( Not good. This was the reason for the Warn axles.

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