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HAM.... Amatuer Radio... KG4KPI

In October of 2000, I took and passed my Ham Exam making the "TECH" license. Since I have used a Alinco DJ-195T handheld. I am a member in the Valdosta Amatuer Radio Club (VARC), and may be a member in the South Georgia Radio Club (SGRC) sometime soon. The VARC repeater in 146.76mhz, -600, PL 141.3hz. The freq is open. There are other freq's in Valdosta also, which are tough to remember, for some reason... Nashville's repeater is 145.31, -600, PL 141.3hz. The Nashville repeater is on the TPI link system with Valdosta, Lake Park and Waycross.

I just recently got a new radio. Shopping is a pain. I looked compared and thought about it. I ended up spending ALL of my hard-earned cash on a Yeasu FT-90 with the remote head kit. It set me back almost $450. I have spender's guilt BIG TIME! My antenna came in the other night, and it was installed. I hit the VARC repeater (18 mi away) pretty good according to a fellow HAM, Bill (W9UNH) who gave me a good report. I hit it from my driveway in Ray City. Can't complain so far.

Change #53.... I had to pull the radio out today for one reason or another, so I figured I'd go ahead and move the radio. It's now under the back seats. I also found one of a pair of 2 1/2" speakers I had laying around. These are some old Chrysler "premium sound" speakers. I found that the speaker fit perfectly in a little spot inside the overhead console. So, I drilled out some holes for the speaker and It sounds great. Console acts as a speaker enclosure, which gives the radio a nice sound.

Change #67.
Removed the FT90. I got a Yeasu FT100 a while back and installed it in the ZJ. The FT90 got very hot under the seat. There was not enought ventilation down there. Since the FT100 is larger and therefore likely to get hotter, I decided to mount the radio elsewhere. I put the unit behind the spare tire, initially. There was a 31-10.50 in there. As of now, though I have the spare on the roof. What I decided to do was to make a box for some electronic components. I made the box to fill the space formerly occuppied by the spare. I put the FT100, the FC20 tuner and my sub amp in the box. I will probably have to move the sub amp. When I key up on 6meter, there is feedback throught the sub woofer. RFI?

I did get an intermittent error code on the FT100 while on vacation. It went away on its own... odd... but the readio has performed wonderfully othwise.

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