26th Georgia Company K, Civil War Reenactors
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HomePage of the 26th Georgia, Co K


This is the home page of a group of civil war reenactors in and around Waycross, GA. For those of you who don't know what reenacting is; it is a way for us to better understand what it was like back during the "WAR OF NORTHERN AGGRESSION", a way to celebrate our heritage, educate the public, and honor our ancestors. All through the year we don our wool uniforms and carry our muskets into battle to try and educate the public on the horrors of war and what it was like during this period. So please explore this site; in it you can see what events are in the near future, current events within our unit, how to join a reenactment unit, and some of our favorite links to other reenacting organizations on the web.


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