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Winthrop Auxiliary Police Department Officer Biographies

Welcome to the officer's biography page! Click an officers name below for their Biography.

Please Note: Only officers with their names underlined currently have biographies.

Chief Robert Sanborn

Deputy Chief Clark I Heighton

Lt. Bernard Costigan
Lt. Mark Vanbuskirk
Lt. Gerald Gigliello
Lt. John McDougall

Sgt. Colleen Molloy
Sgt. Jan Makosky
Sgt. Ronald Taylor Jr.
Sgt. Michael Diluiso

Ptl. Kathleen Sanborn
Ptl. Mary Lou Heighton
Ptl. Mark Zichella
Ptl. Joe Pergola
Ptl. James Nestor
Ptl. Joe Dawson
Ptl. Randolph Divino
Ptl. Mike Candelora
Ptl. Mike Russo
Ptl. Jay Silva Ptl. Chris Hall

Trn. Rob McDougall

R/O. Doug Boudrow
R/O. Joe Poirier
R/O. Ryan Cheney

COM-3 John "Chet" Chetwynd