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**Thats what really hurts, get what you deserve**  




And unsure

Why am I losing my nerve

Wasting my time

Why do I only see this through the hurt


I cant get it out of my head

I cant get it out that

I do this to myself

Me and no one else

So help me

Tell me how to break free

IÕm to blame

And thatÕs what really hurts

ThatÕs what really hurts

Your get what you deserve


Jaded and broken

Out of place waiting my turn



And like you I donÕt know the answer


-What you deserve lyrics by The Exies


That is one of the best songs! Batman is my hero! These two things go together because, as everyone knows, Catwoman is BatmanÕs lover.. and sometimes instead Batman always leaving Catwoman to save the world she wants him to stay at home or go and save the world with him. These are lyrics to how Catwoman feels.