For Those of you that Accidently Got here IT AINT FOR YOU!! this is trisha's site EXSCLUSIVLY And i don't give a damn if i spelled that wrong. So welcome to Funky/ the world of trisha NOT obsession just a hobby *wink*.
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I Love YOU Trisha!!

Fat Kids Have a Purpose TOO!
My Favorite things about Trisha.
  • She's Don't Give a damn what all YALL think!
  • She Loves ICP!
  • She dosen't do DRUGS
  • She likes Care Bears and they CARE!!
  • She loves GOD and JESUS!!!

    Trisha's Favorite Things


    Her family


    Her friends


    I'ma be Down...... I'ma be Down.......... Down with the Clown till i'm dead in tha ground!! Well bugga wu wa!!! welcome to the house of Horrors!!! you born in a barn shut the FUCKIN door!! Hey! Baby i heard you like to FREAK then come out to play with ME!!! I LOVE YOU TRISHA!