Lethal Xcess

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St_umd8730.mp3 0.903.12.31 17:10:18Tao of CreamLethal Xcess SID (Rip)2002UMD 8730 IntroGet the demo at http://phf.atari0:00:59128M44
Ste_lx_intro.mp3 17:17:35Jochen HippelLethal Xcess - intro1992Lethal Xcess (Atari STE)(c) 1991 Jochen Hipp0:14:32 48S32
Lxaudio7.mp3 4.604.01.02 03:23:00Jochen HippelLevel 5 - Fortress of Methally1993Lethal Xcess Audio(c) 1993 Hippel0:12:55 48S32
Lxaudio5.mp3 03:02:57Jochen HippelLevel 3 - The Evil Garden1993Lethal Xcess Audio(c) 1993 Hippel0:23:01 48S32
Lxaudio4.mp3 4.904.01.02 02:47:30Jochen HippelLevel 2 - Desert of no Return1993Lethal Xcess Audio(c) 1993 Hippel0:13:43 48S32
Ste_lx_end.mp3 17:12:22Jochen HippelLethal Xcess - end1998Lethal Xcess (Atari STE)(c) 1991 Jochen Hipp0:05:44 48S32
Lxaudio6.mp3 6.504.01.02 03:14:31Jochen HippelLevel 4 - Volcanic Plateaus1993Lethal Xcess Audio(c) 1993 Hippel0:18:03 48S32
Lxaudio3.mp3 02:38:49Jochen HippelLevel 1 - Ruins of Methallycha1993Lethal Xcess Audio(c) 1993 Hippel0:14:23 48S32
711_lx_titlermx.mp3 9.803.12.31 16:21:19SevenElevenLethal Xcess Title ReMiX0:08:14160S44
Jhrmxl4.mp3 5.303.12.31 16:26:37SevenElevenLethal Xcess Level 4Jochen Hipppel remixedcomposed by Jochen H0:04:27160S44
Ste_lx_lvl1.mp3 3.303.12.31 17:20:56Jochen HippelLethal Xcess - Level 11998Lethal Xcess (Atari ST)(c) 1991 Jochen Hipp0:09:19 48M32
Lxaudio1.mp3 5.604.01.02 02:23:21Jochen HippelTitle Tune1993Lethal Xcess Audio(c) 1993 Hippel0:15:42 48S32
Ste_lx_lvl4.mp3 2.303.12.31 17:30:24Jochen HippelLethal Xcess - Level 41998Lethal Xcess (Atari ST)(c) 1991 Jochen Hipp0:06:24 48M32
Ste_lx_lvl2.mp3 3.903.12.31 17:24:51Jochen HippelLethal Xcess - Level 21998Lethal Xcess (Atari ST)(c) 1991 Jochen Hipp0:10:59 48M32
Lxaudio2.mp3 02:29:23Jochen HippelMain Menu1993Lethal Xcess Audio(c) 1993 Hippel0:09:09 48S32
Ste_lx_menu.mp3 1.403.12.31 17:34:31Jochen HippelLethal Xcess - menu1998Lethal Xcess (Atari ST)(c) 1991 Jochen Hipp0:03:59 48M32
Ste_lx_lvl5.mp3 2.603.12.31 17:33:02Jochen HippelLethal Xcess - Level 51998Lethal Xcess (Atari ST)(c) 1991 Jochen Hipp0:07:16 48M32
Ste_lx_lvl3.mp3 17:28:07Jochen HippelLethal Xcess - Level 31998Lethal Xcess (Atari ST)(c) 1991 Jochen Hipp0:09:09 48M32
Lxaudio8.mp3 4.504.01.02 03:30:50Jochen HippelEnd Tune1993Lethal Xcess Audio(c) 1993 Hippel0:12:32 48S32
SevenEleven - LXS Title ReMiX.mp3 9.803.06.08 20:57:34SevenElevenLethal Xcess Title ReMiX0:08:14160S44
SevenEleven - LXS Title ReMiX.mp3 9.803.06.08 20:57:34SevenElevenLethal Xcess Title ReMiX0:08:14160S44

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