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Spring Awakening Synopsis

-------------------- Mama Who Bore Me- sung by Wendla, and a scene follows in which her mother attempts to evade her request for an explanation of how children are conceived. After this, the other girls join her in the reprise of the song

All that's Known- Melchior and the boys are in school, Moritz gets in trouble for not knowing his schoolwork- this goes into The Bitch of Living.

My Junk- the song is frequently interrupted by vignettes involving Georg at his piano lesson fantasizing about his teacher as she bends over him, and Hanschen masturbating in the bathroom as his father pounds on the door for him to get out.

Moritz asks Melchior for a written and illustrated description of sex- Melchior does this, but later Moritz tells Melchior that more info has caused his obsessive thoughts about sex to worsen- The ensemble sings Touch Me about their changing bodies and thoughts about sex. Melchior and Wendla meet and flirt with each other and sing The Word of Your Body about their private longings for each other. Martha reveals to the girls that her father beats and sexually abuses her- shows her bruises. The girls tell how Ilse was similarly treated and thrown out of her home. Martha sings The Dark I know Well joined by Ilse. Moritz discovers he has passed him midterms, but the headmasters plan to make sure he fails his final exams. Wendla meets Melchior alone, and haunted by Martha's experiences, asks Melchior to beat her, so she too will "feel something, anything"- he at first refuses, then when she begs him to, he repeatedly strikes her with a stick- then mortified by what this has released in him, he runs off. Moritz finds out he has failed out of school, and tells his furious father. He writes Melchior's mother for money to run away- the response is sung in And Then There Were None.

After The Mirror Blue Night sung by Melchior and ensemble, Wendla comes to him in a hayloft, to apologize for provoking him, he says it was all his fault- As the others sing I Believe around them, Melchior seduces the at first reluctant, but then willing Wendla. End of Act 1.

Act 2 opens with the preacher giving a sermon about the evils of sex as Melchior and Wendla are again making love. They sing The Guilty Ones.(This song is out of order on the CD)

Then Moritz sings Don't Do Sadness, and is about to shoot himself when Ilse startles him. She sings Blue Wind, and then they each sing their songs together. Ilse leaves, Moritz kills himself. Left Behind is sung by Melchior to Moritz' father at his funeral. The headmaster and mistress blame Melchior's sex manual for causing Moritz to kill himself- they sing Totally F***ed as he confesses. In a reprise of The Word of Your Body, Hanschen seduces Ernst. Wendla's mother is told by a doctor that Wendla is pregnant. She tells Wendla and demands to know who the father is. She is stunned to finally understand, but tells her mother it was Melchior. Her mother tells his parents, who decide to send him to a reformatory. Melchior gets a letter to Wendla asking her to meet him at the cemetery. The Reformatory boys intercept a letter from Wendla to Melchior, and he learns she is pregnant and runs away to meet her. Meanwhile as Wendla sings Whispering, her mother secretly arranges to get her an abortion. We learn that she dies from the procedure. Melchior shows up at the cemetery and discovers first Moritz' grave, and then is horrified to find Wendla's. He is about to join them in death by taking his own life, when their ghosts emerge and they persuade him not to, as they sing Those You've Known. A new introduction (not on the CD)to Purple summer is sung by Ilse, bringing the show to the present, offering new opportunities and hope that parents and children will be able to communicate and understand each other's needs.

The show is so more more than the sum of its parts, and this attempt at explanation is not ever able to convey the power and beauty of the staging, lighting, the acting, choreography and the fabulous band that is onstage throughout the performance. Hope this helps answer your questions- hope you will someday see this show! --------------------