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Steven Drozd

The Flaming Lips

Steven Drozd was born during 1969 in Houston, Texas. He grew up with three brothers and a sister, and a working musician for a father. This meant that music was a part of Steven's life very early on, and at the age of eight he was bought his first drum kit. At the age of ten, Steven was playing regularly in his father's band, and was soon learning about a lot more than percussion. The keyboard player in his father's band taught him to play piano at age twelve, and his father was soon exhorting him to, "Always make sure you take care of your hands."

In high school, Steven's best friend dubbed him 'Bender', and Steven now finds this somewhat embarrassing, "Because the Breakfast Club just isn't cool anymore." Steven's memories of music lesson live long to this day, but he didn't linger in education past high school and soon found himself drifting into Oklahoma City. There he performed, mainly on drums, with a number of average bands with less-than-average names. These included Deathro Bodine, Janis 18, 9mm Dilaudid, Bologna and Jogna, and the Whisper Ants. In 1992, before he could get any more tattoos, Steven was rescued from this strange life of musical water treading to become one of two young new recruits for the 30-something Flaming Lips, thus faintly echoing his childhood experiences of playing with his father in Vernon Drozd's Polka Band, Rawhide, and Soft Touche.

Steven quickly became infamous for pounding the drums as if it was the last thing he would do and the band went from strength to strength both live and in the studio. Steven's musical input became ever more valuable, as he wrote many of the songs (at least in terms of the music, refusing to write lyrics), and arranged almost all of the rest. By the time of 1999's critically lauded 'The Soft Bulletin', Steven played most of the instrumental tracks on the album, bar a few bass parts. Renowned as he is for being able to pick up most hand operated musical instruments and coax magical sounds from them, he has also found himself in increasing demand to play on other people's recordings. As sessions kicked into full flow for 'Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots', Steven decided to follow Michael Ivins in moving permanently to Fredonia, where he could spend more time working in Dave Fridmann's studio. Most recently he played on and arranged tracks for Steve Burns's 'Songs For Dustmites'.

I would like to give credit to the Flaming Lips' sight for the information above

Steven Drozd

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