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ThIs iS WhAt wE aRe alL abOut!!

So BasicaLLy We loVe the CamEra.CheCk us OUT!!


We are the few proud members of a Beautiful Organization called FTA.
The aCtiVe MemBeRs are as FoLLoW:
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Mr.StaRnes-loving DaddIe.also known as our advisor.
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aRon-my 2nd love.and the pres.
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KeVin-myLoVe.and also the glue that holds us together.
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KaylEe-this would be me.the visionary behind this web based website.HEHEH.
SaRaH&&Katherine-i never see these 2lovely ladies parted.
Oanh-she is a the crazy asian.that i love&&thank for getting me this really hot guys number.
CeCilY-entertainment&&the funny bone behind this opperation.
SereNa-the girl that hooks us up at golden gate.she mexican
kIm-my partner in crime.&&she thinks she can drop it like its hot.she is very outgoing.
DeSi-the quiet one.but when she is talkin you best be listenin or she will go crazy on you.
FeliCiA-she used to be very active.&& now we miss her around.TeAr.