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Rainbow Room

Check out our brand new attractions

What a week it's been in footy!!!!

Thank you to everyone who came to Rainbow Room's opening night on Saturday.

It was definately one of the year's most talked about events.

We thought we'd update you on some the Rainbow Room's Must Dos:

** Fish on Ice - u may want to also view the behind the scenes version **

** Sound & Light Show feat. Buddha & John Course - breathtaking! **

** Cafe Lightening - recommend nachos & red bull **

** The Fashion Parade **

A couple of points to note when at Rainbow Room, emergency exits are the same way as you enter. There are toilets. You must BYO cushions.

Rainbow Room ARE NOW HIRING!!

We are currently advertising for bus boys/cleaners/extra security staff - we got a bit of rif raf slapper action on opening night, it may have been because the head of security was a bit fucked up and on a different planet - but hey she got a verbal warning anyway.

Stay tuned for the next event!!

xox Hugs and kisses, Rainbow Room

Also, we'd like to announced no-one was injured during the evacuation on Sunday morning.

Rainbow Room is located at Room 1807/ 163 City Road, Southbank

pls call 0418878747 for guest list entry

Website Published By Britz' Security Incorporated - N.B. Britz Security take no responsibility for the illedged incident involving their security personnal on opening night or spelling on website.

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