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All others who are NOT on may proceed below.

Here it comes! From the Angelfire studio in Cyberspace. It's The Price is Right!

Come on down! You're the next viewer on The Price is Right!

Please note: Some pictures on some of the pages are hosted from my Photobucket account. If the pictures are not accessible, that means I exceeded the free bandwidth. Eventually we'll move everything to

6/24/2017 - New picture added to Drew's microphone page.

4/14/2016 - New TPIR Memorabilia! - We have added a new TPIR page devoted to the "Contestants Row Microphone".

7/2/2015 - TPIR Live story! - We have added the TPIR Live Story at the bottom of my page, near the last two link nametags.

4/4/2014 - Set your VCR/DVD-R/TiVo - The Price is Right will air its 8000th show on Monday, April 4, 2014! COME ON DOWN!

12/24/2013 - Added a new project page. A microphone to look like Drew Carey's wireless microphone!

9/8/2013 - Set your VCRs/DVD-Rs/TiVos 'cause The Price is Right's 42nd season premiere will air on September 23, 2013. Don't miss out!

8/20/2012 - Added a new page devoted to Bob Barker's microphone used from 1992-2002. But more pics to come later. Stay tuned.

8/9/2012 - Added a new page devoted to George Gray's microphone.

11/15/2011 - Added 2 new wallpaper images on the Desktop Wallpaper for the Drew Carey era.

10/24/2011 - Added a new art page for Cartoon art where cartoon characters are contestants, models or hosts.

Welcome to Contestants Row. Where do you wanna go?

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