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Princess' Pet Emporium

Hi, there ... Welcome to my webpage!
I am so delighted that you decided to stop by!

As you are browsing thru, please remember that this is my very first
attempt at creating a web page, so please be kind in your critique!

Now, what kind of info shall I fill this page with?

Well, one of my very favorite topics is PETS (and I have had lots of them!)
so I think I'll start there.

This is my "spoiled rotten" kitty,


...and here we have a pic of my parakeets,

"Bill" and "Hillary"

... you get it, don't you? ... Bill and Hillary?

but sadly, Hillary (the yellow one) died while I was away on vacation this summer.

Now, aside from the "interactive" pets mentioned already,
I also have a lovely 30-gallon fish tank, which I received as a gift
(this is my 2nd fishtank, mind you)!
I started this tank out with about 15 fish ... but alas, there are only 4 of them left ...
I don't really need to tell you what happened to the others,
do I? :o)

And that is the breakdown of all of my current pets ...
but believe me there have been many others!

Shall I tell you about them? Well ok, since you insist!

My older pets

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you would like to see more cute animal pictures, they can be found all over the web. Here are a few of MY favorite sites, where you can find anything from colorful pictures of pets doing kooky things, to advice on feedings, training, how to pick a good vet, medications, etc! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I hope you enjoyed your stay here and thanks again for stopping by!
Come back and see us sometime ...

ps: I must give a "shout out" to HTML GOODIES, a popular website that you can use to create your very own webpage/website.

To learn more about this phenominal site, go to OR Click Here where you'll find everything you need!

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