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Erin's page


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Miz.Million Dolla Diva This is my girl alex she is like the mother of DPC.

Miz.Diamond Diva This is my girl Shantelle and she is the only girl that can hold a shartle.

Miz.Luxurious Diva This my girl mifca and she is a girl who is not afraid to say what she wants.

Miz.Cherrii Diva This is me and i am just a girl who took and apperciates what my momma gave me.

Miz.Platinum Diva This here is ( Morgan ) the only shy one of the group.

Miz. Black and Gold Diva This right here is ( Ayana ) the only girl who is like real easy girl to talk to.


All About me

Name: Erin Briana Dunston

Age: 12

Brithday:August 26, 1994

Email Adress:

Brothers: 1

Sisters: 1


My Brother

Name: Mark Darren Dunston Jr.

Age; 15

Brithday: June 11,1991

Email Adress:

Image: My brother is a rude and funny person you can get along with a least sometimes.

My Sister

Name: Cassaundra Denise Dunston

Age: 14

Brithday: June 26, 1992

Email Adress:

Image: My sister is a good person plus she can mke you laugh alot at times she can also get you mad.

My Family

I love my family NO matter what goes wrong.

The things that I love to do The things I hate to do
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Designing Cothles
  • Play football
  • Play Basketball
  • Miss my t.v shows

My little glitter notes