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This is my mom Debbie and dad Joe. This picture was taken at the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game of 2006.
My dad is a full time farmer. He enjoys traveling around the tri-states learning about the different technology in the farming field. My
mom is a stay at home mom who enjoys keeping care of our family dog and bowling every Tuesday. She also runs errands and picks up parts for my dad. Both of my parents enjoy going to mine and my brother's sporting events.

This is my older sister Krista and her boyfriend Beau. Right out of high school Krista went to Western
Illinois College to major in communications. She was a WIU cheerleader for one and a half years. She recently moved to Erving, Texas
where she is a living with her boyfriend, and attending a community college while working at Victoria's Secret. Beau is commercial real-estate broker, and is part owner of a electronic business with his father.

This is me and my girlfriend Erin. If you want to know anything about me, then read my biography page.
Erin is a 2007 graduate from Pittsfield High School. Throughout high school she was a Saukee football and basketball cheerleader and swam
for Pittsfield Swim Team. She plans to attend Abbott Academy School of cosmetology in Hannibal. Then go back to school to get a business degree, and eventually own a salon.

This is my younger brother Matthew. He is graduating from eighth grade this year. He is active
in football where he is the quarterback for Pittsfield pee-wee league. He also participates in basketball and track. He enjoys
playing video games and talking on the internet with friends. In the summer, he helps our dad, by doing work around the farm and house.
He spends most of his time shooting hoops to improve his basketball skills.

This is the newest member of the family, Ozzy. He is a tea cup Yorkie that is a year and a month old.
He was born April 5, 2006. He loves playing fetch with his toys and cuddling with family. He has one sister and one brother. Erin has his sister
and her name is Lillian. He is an ornery little dog but all in all he is the sweetest dog ever.





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