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  • name~Mia Goto
  • age~unlisted
  • race~Grimalkin - although most often in the form of a small human.
  • H/W~both varies - most often two feet tall, 23 pounds.
  • Natural Element~Fire
  • Homelands~Unlisted
  • Class~Scry Mage
  • Clan association~ associated with both DAMASHU and the RaRa army.
  • Alignment~C-N
  • Hobbies~smoking/playing with matches/
  • Weapon of choice~N/A
  • Known Abilities
  • Polymorph - at will/free action/any natural form/limits of ability not recorded
  • Fire Magics - limits of ability not recorded.
  • Scry -person/object/paths/truths/future/past/limits of ability not recorded

  • Other know forms.
    for a brief explantation on the listing.
  • catagory~first to fall into catagory/second/third...
  • 'N/A' should explain it's self
  • 'unlisted' means the person has never disclosed said information to any persons.
  • 'limits not recorded' means said person has yet to use said ability to it's full extent, once this limit has been reach and has become known, said information will be corrected by the council members of DAMASHU. this discription page is ment for the sole reason of detaining certain persons and selecting persons for said detaining if such is ever needed.

    this site brought to you by the peoples committe for the chaotic overthrow of the known world.