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Mi Innosita Amora
Mi Innosita Amora
****************Warning**************************** >>>All HATERS AND NO LIFE PEOPLE GET OFF MY PAGE OR THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES AND REPERCUSSION<<< ***************************************************** My Image: -5`2 1/2 -140lbs -lightskin -lightbrown eyes My personality: -good hygene -independent -outgoing -sensitive -athletic -talented -more to go...... What It DO: -rest my head in the Burgh(Pittsburgh) -attend Langley High(c/o 2007 BABY!) -Representin G-Block all day -i don`t discriminate Show me some love by telling me what you think about my pic and . U might like what u really see. Who I'd like to meet: Im not going to sit here and tell what i want in a male or female im just going to get to know yall and if u make any mistake in between us then i will let yall know. Thats it about me foreal. I want to get to know the person whose reading this. Reading what i got to say makes you special in my catergory.
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im oh so smexxi!!! 
{ yes i do kno i said smexxi}

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