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Bort's Guide to Drafting Magic in LackeyCCG

There are a number of different ways you can draft magic when you are using LackeyCCG. You can use a seperate program or site and import your draft deck into LackeyCCG, or you can draft from within LackeyCCG itself.

Importing a draft deck from a another website or program:
If you are going to use a seperate site, here is a list of sites I know of that people use:
That is a very incomplete list. Send me a PM on the LackeyCCG forum if you want me to add another site to the list.
You can also use an external program to draft, like Netdraft. Lackey is really good at importing from other places.

You can import a number of ways: Copy the list of cards to your clipboard, and then hit the "Paste" button in either the Deck Editor's Deck List section, or the Deck Editor's Card Pool section.
Or copy a URL of a deck online and click the "URL" button in the Deck Editor's Deck List section, or the Deck Editor's Card Pool section.
Or download the deck file in plain text format to your Lackey folder's plugins/magic/decks/ folder, then open in your Deck Editor Deck List with the deck browser.


Draft from within LackeyCCG:

The first thing you need to do is make a game on the server for drafting. This isn't an actual game, but this is how all the drafters meet up to draft. Name it something like "Draft with 3xM12 boosters" or something else that is descriptive. Tell people in the server chat about your game, or communicate with them in some other way.

Once you are all connected to a draft game, and everyone is ready to start, I suggest you select "New Game" from the main menu. That will erase all cards from all zones. You don't need to do that if there are no cards, but if there are, this will clean up everything.
Once everyone is ready, every player should go into their Deck Editor and click on the "Open Packs..." button.

Then click the button at the top of the Card Pool section of the Deck Editor called "Add a pack...".

In the window that pops up, select the kind of pack you want. You are going to want to send this pack directly to your hand. Click the button that says "Send directly to:" and make sure the pulldown menu to the right says "Hand".

In the Game window, you can see that the pack has been opened and loaded to your hand. Note that the log announces this to all players. The log also announces the checksum of the pack you opened so everyone knows you didn't cheat and alter your pack. To pick a card, drag the card you want to your Sideboard tab and drop it there. You can see what players have selected a card because you can see how many cards remain in their hand.

Once all players have picked their card and put it in their Sideboard zone, the host of the draft performs a function that makes everyone pass the cards in their hand to the person next to them (either clockwise or counter-clockwise). They do this with a log function called "/exchangeclockwise" (or "/exchangecounterclockwise"). So they don't have to type it out every time, they can set this log function as a canned message (like the highlighted button in the picture below).

Players proceed like this until all of the cards in their packs have been picked. When each player's hand is then empty, all players can add another pack as they had done before.

Once all packs have been opened and all cards have been picked and each player has all the cards they will use for the draft, it is time to start building a deck. There are a few ways to do this, but I suggest you do it by the following method.

Make sure your Sideboard zone is selected (or whatever zone all your draft cards are in) and you can see them in the zone list above the log. Use the log command "/copyzonetocardpool". That will copy all of the cards in that zone to your card pool. In the Deck Editor (with the Card Pool section visible) you can drag cards from your card pool to your deck list. (Remember that you need to hit the "Open Packs..." button in the deck editor to make the Card Pool section of the Deck Editor visible.) To add basic lands, hit the "Exit card pool mode..." button to toggle between free build mode and card pool mode.

Don't forget to save your card pool and your deck when you are finished making them. There are a lot of handy tricks you can do with the deck editor, and with the card pool in particular. There is a tutorial about the deck editor on the LackeyCCG website. Here are direct links to the deck list tutorial and the card pool area tutorial.