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Magic Plugin
This is a plugin for Magic the Gathering (played using LackeyCCG). It's still in beta but it's awesome.

You can use the autoupdate from URL functionality in the Plugin panel of the Preferences tab. Just type the updatelist URL in the field, and hit the button and all needed files will download. Relaunch Lackey, and then the card images will download as needed thereafter. Check the downloads section of for the latest version of LackeyCCG!

There are video tutorials on how to use Lackey at

To update your plugin to the high quality plugin, use the URL:

To update your plugin to the medium quality plugin, use the URL:

You enter either of the above URLs into the Preferences->Plugin section into the field next to the button that says "Update from URL", and then click that button and wait until it tells you it's done downloading.

Plugin Qualities
It is important to choose which version of the plugin is right for you: High or Medium. There are several things to consider.
  1. Your download speed. If you have a very slow connection, you might not want to download the High quality plugin because it is pretty big (if you download a lot of the images).
  2. The size of your monitor and its resolution. If you have a small monitor, such as the kind on laptop, or you have your monitor at a resolution like 800x600, you probably don't want to download the High quality plugin. It takes up too much area of the window. (The bigger the picture is, the less room there is for anything else.)
  3. As of July 20, the High Quality version of the plugin is even larger than before. It's big and its beautiful... but it's really big.
High Medium

Official LackeyCCG Player site
Official Magic: The Gathering site

Legal Notice:
All Magic: the Gathering content is the property of Wizards of the Coast. You may download the plugin only with the owner's permission or have purchased the cards and have a legal right to use them by means of "fair use".