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Welcome to Hairann's FanFiction!

This is verison 6.0. This site was created on May 9th 2007. At the moment my fics are Ranma x Akane and Sesshoumaru x Kagome and other than one or two Inu x Kagome fics it will remain this way.


August 19 2008: Added the rest of Playing Kami, including the nomination banner for best drama. Will get around to adding the rest of They are Pack at some point soon.

June 27 2008: I've decided to take down this site. No one even comes here anyways and now there are pictures missing from some of my layouts for no reason and I do not have the time or desire to come back and fix them. If you happen upon this site and would like to read more of my stories please visit or Dokuga. Not going to add the SingleSpark link since it will be moving to read only soon and I do not plan on adding anymore stories there once the two I am working on now are finished. If you have any questions, feel free to use the email me link below.



Fanart of Daichi from They are Pack

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