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I am Alpha

I am Alpha!

"Life is but a dream"

It matters not if you are youkai or ningen, if you're male or female, young or old, weak or strong, no it matters not in the end. All that matters is who is Alpha and who isn't. Brothers fighting for dominance, mikos fighting for control, who will end on top, who will have to submit? What's an Inu pack to do when there are far too many Alphas? Complete

Inuyasha/Kikyou Sango/Miroku Sesshoumaru/Kagome slight

Edited 02/14/08

What Anime could this be the name of? Winners

"Arrr Matey"

Prologue- N/A

Chapter 1-N/A

Chapter 2-N/A

Chapter 3-Lunar Navy-Sailor Moon Lester Joe on single spark and Mrs. Ami James on fan fiction

Chapter 4-Citrus Container-Fruit Basket Nami James for fan fiction and Catherine for a single spark

Chapter 5-Obit-Death Note Nami on fan fiction and Catherine on single spark

Chapter 6-Magnum Crypt-Gun Grave Bethrezen on fan fiction and Kaho-kun on single spark

Chapter 7-achromatize- no correct guesses

Chapter 8-achromatize-Bleach Nami on fan fiction and Sevor from my website

Chapter 9 and Epilogue-N/A