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My Fave Fanfics

Here are some of the fanfics that I have read that I think make up some of the best fanfics out there for Ranma. Can't Let Go was the first darkfic I had read and with the ending it turned me away from darkfics for quite a while but I kept getting linked back to I'll meet by starlight when I was reading fanfics and even though it was a darkfic I decided to go ahead and read it and I'm glad I did.

If the text is in quotes it is what was said on the writer's own page and SN: is of course side note for my own two cents. Hope ya enjoy these as much as I did.

Hearts of IceThis is a story about Akane being sent to the kami plane by a spell that was cast by Shan Pu and what everyone does to get her back.

SN: A great story although it's still unfinished.

I'll meet by starlight"Genma Saotome arrives at the Tendo home one day, bringing his son. Despite his curse, and the misgivings of her sister, Akane takes a liking to him. And the parade of enemies from Ranma's past begins...."

SN: A really good darkfic.

Can't Let Go"It tells the tale of several people who can't let go of their past, their hatred and their love. And the actions they take because of that unwillingness or inability to let go. In Part 1, Ranma becomes a quadriplegic but caused by whom? We cast you back to a year earlier to find out."

SN: Great story up until the last few paragraphs.

Careful Destiny"This is the one that starts it off. One day Ranma decides that he's finally fed up with his cursed life. Thanks to a little intervention from a benevolent (?) junk salesman in a shabby store in Nerima's shopping district, he is given a way to end his aquatransexuality. Accepting an offer that's too tempting to resist, Ranma makes drastic changes to his life. How does it turn out?"

SN: Great story but so far unfinished.

Tiger Claw"Ranma & Company discover an ominous aspect to the Neko-ken when a mysterious sorceress appears in Nerima and sets a complex series of plots into motion. At the same time, a young woman also arrives in the city intent on pursuing her own personal mission."

SN: A good story so far, unfinished.

Relentless"A tale of power, gags, and intense vengeance..."

SN: Really good read.

What I Was OnceA great one-shot about Mousse.

Deep Reflections"(semi-darkfic) Nodoka finds a use for the broken Nanban Mirror. Can Ranma's fiancees face what the mirror shows?"

SN: This is one of my fave one-shots.

Anything Goes"Shampoo and Cologne have taken Ranma. Akane wants him back. Dark for the Amazons. Really only a scene rather than a story."

SN: Love this one-shot hehe.