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(Finished)No matter how much changes, in the end nothing ever really does.

Still to Come

Akane wakes up to find herself in another reality where not only is she married to Ranma already, but none of the other rivals really are anymore, what happened to change things so much?

The end of the world is coming as the demons who used to rule the world enslaving mankind are making their way out of the earth to try and take back over. It's up to the recking crew to try and stop them.(Darkfic)

Everyone decides they are tried of Ranma and Akane not chosing them over each other and everyone else and decide that they will make them chose them. After a battle that kills most of the Tendo/Satome familes, Ranma and Akane prepare for a battle that will only end when either they or their enimies are dead. (Darkfic)

Akane and Ranma are sent to a frozzen waste land for 50 years, but where they are the day just keeps repeating itself so they don't age any.

The guys are out searching for Ranma, leaving the girls back home after they returned from searching for a while, only to find that Ranma wasn't the reason everything flocked to Nermia, it even seems that this stuff was happening before but no one noticed until Ranma arrived. While they are waiting for Ranma to be found, Akane, Ukyo and Shampoo come together to fight off the demons that have started to arrive in Nermia.

The first evil is once again coming to destory the world and Akane has to awaken the guardians to help her defeat him before it's too late. But who are the guardians and what does Akane's past life have to do with Colonge?

Ranma and Akane decide they cant take it anymore and take off, only to find when they come back that they were the only ones keeping everyone safe, and demons have taken over Nermia, killing most of their friends. (Darkfic)

Ranma left Nermia 5 yeas ago to try and protect Akane and ended up becoming a hitman for hire. Now on his newest target, he finds out that it is Akane and he was hired by Kodachi to kill her. Seems after he left everyone blammed Akane and continued to attack her.

A man comes to the dojo telling Akane that she is the only one that can stop the envading demons and that her mallet is alive.

Ranma is stuck in the cat-fist while the demon who created tries to get Ranma as his pet, but what happens when he tries to attack Akane and what is she really to do to stop him?

After a spell that got messed up Ranma and Akane are sent to another world where demons dwell.

After having enough of everyone trying to get her to marry them or Ranma and Ranma's other fiances bugging them, Akane decides to pretend to elope to get them off their backs.

Akane is killed in cold blood by Colonge during a battle with Ranma but because she has yet to tell him she loves him she is unable to move on, but Ranma wont let her say it because he wants to try and find a way to bring her back.