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Changing Times

Last Time

After Khu Lon throws a potion on them, Ranma and Akane have to deal with being invisible to everyone. With Shan Pu and Mu Tsu's help, Nabiki is able to fine away to turn them back to normal.

Chapter 5: Wake up Akane

Disclaimer The Ranmaverse and all of it's characters are property of the brilliant Takahashi-sama and I claim no ownership of them. Only the story belongs to me.

AN: Slight bit of sadness in this chapter but not a major tear jerker.

Edited 02/23/08

"Are you ready for tomorrow?" Akane asked softly after joining Ranma on the roof of the dojo. The sun had set a few minutes ago and save for the light coming from the house below, the yard was covered in darkness.

"I don't know, but I'm more ready then I was last time." Ranma said with a grin as he looked over at her.

"Well you did have more warning this time." Akane said with a smile as she leaned over and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Ya ready for tomorrow?" Ranma asked after a minute of silence filled the air around them.

"Yeah I think so." Akane said with a nod of her head. "Now the question is, is everyone else ready for our wedding?" Akane asked with a laugh as she looked up at the stars over head.

"I think they are. We already took care of the main players, and I don't think we really have to worry about the others." Ranma said reassuringly as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"I hope so, I really want tomorrow to go off without any problems." Akane said with a sigh as she thought back to the last time they had almost gotten married.

"I'm sure it will." Ranma assured her as he pulled her closer to his body and looked up at the stars above.

"Wow Akane you look amazing." Ukyo said with a smile as she walked into Akane's room the next day. Akane was standing in the middle of her room as Kasumi put the finishing touches on the obi bow. "You're shiromuku looks beautiful." Ukyo said as Akane turned to face her and she was able to see it completely.

"Just wait till Ranma sees this." Nabiki said with her 'I can make some money off this' grin as she walked into the room.

"What ever you are planning you can just forget it." Akane warned her as she turned to look at herself in the full length mirror. "I'm nervous enough as it is, I don't need ta be worrying about what you have up your sleeve as well Nabiki." Akane said as she looked at her sister through her reflection in the mirror.

"You're no fun." Nabiki said with mocked hurt as she waved her hand in the air and walked out of the room.

"I'll go see how the groom is doing." Ukyo said with a laugh as she headed out of the room as well.

"How's it going Ranma?" Ukyo asked with a smile after knocking on the door and being told to enter.

"Okay." Ranma said with a nod of his head as he stepped into his zori sandals.

"Not sure which is better the tux or the haori-hakama." Ukyo said after looking him over for a minute.

"No idea myself." Ranma said as he finished getting ready and looked at himself in the mirror to make sure everything was in it's place.

"Well let's get you out to the dojo, it's about time." Genma said as he walked into the room and looked Ranma over. "Not bad boy." Genma said with a proud smile before starting back out of the room.

"Show time." Ukyo said with a smile as she turned and followed Ranma out of the room.

"Kasumi who is that out in the yard?" Akane asked turning away from the window to face her sister after she had caught sight of someone moving out by the koi pond.

Kasumi walked over next to her sister to look out the bedroom window catching sight of the figure moving away from the koi pond. "I don't know Akane." Kasumi answered shaking her head as she looked back over at her.

"I'm going to go check it out." Akane said rushing from the room.

"Akane wait!" Kasumi called after her but she was already rushing down the stairs. "You're supposed to be getting married." Kasumi said to the empty room before shaking her head and heading downstairs to let the others know what Akane was up to.

"Kasumi where's 'Kane?" Ranma asked looking up from his seat on the floor as Kasumi walked into the dojo.

"She saw some stranger in the yard and went chasing after him before I could stop her." Kasumi explained as Ranma jumped up and rushed out of the dojo.

"Stupid tomboy rushin' off by herself like that." Ranma mumbled under his breath as he started through the yard. Truthfully he was worried about her, thinking Khu Lon might be up to something, but he wasn't about to admit it to himself.

"'Kane!" Ranma called as he finished searching the yard and headed out of the front gate. "Where is she?" Ranma wondered out loud to himself as he passed through the gate and look down the street. As he turned to look the other way a movement caught his eye. As he strained to see what it was he realized it was Akane about a block away.

"'Kane!" Ranma called after her and he started making his way toward her. If she heard him she wasn't showing any sign as she stepped off the sidewalk and started making her way across the street. As Ranma tried to figure out what she was doing the squealing of tires could be heard as a car, speeding around the corner, tried to slam on its breaks before hitting her, but given it's speed it wasn't able to stop in time.

As the car hit Akane she was sent flying through the air, landing on the other side of the street. "'Kane!" Ranma screamed as he rushed toward her as the driver was getting out of the car.

"Oh Kami!" The driver breathed as he saw blood was coming out of the wound on her head straining the ground around her.

"'Kane!" Ranma screamed again as he reached her and drop to the ground next to her.

"I'm so sorry she came out of no where." The driver insisted as he looked on in shock.

"Go ta the Tendo dojo tell them what has happened and ta meet me at Tofu's." Ranma said not bothering to turn and look at the man as he picked Akane up into his arms.

"You shouldn't move her." The man said shaking his head.

"Just go." Ranma screamed at him before jumping up to the roof and rushing off toward Tofu's.

"Dr. Tofu!" Ranma screamed as he busted in the door of the clinic with Akane still in his arms. "Dr. Tofu!" Ranma screamed again when he hadn't answered.

A moment later Tofu came rushing out of the back, took one look at Ranma and Akane and said, "Bring her in the back." Turning he headed back to the exam room without waiting for a response from Ranma.

"What happened?" Tofu asked as Ranma set Akane down on the bed and Tofu started checking for her pulse.

"She was hit by a car." Ranma said as he held onto Akane's hand, never taking his eyes off of her face. Tofu was about to ask him to wait outside but he knew Ranma wouldn't listen, so just ignored him as he continued working on Akane.

By the time the Tendos and Saotomes had arrived at the clinic, Akane was already resting peacefully. "How is she?" Soun asked as Tofu walked out into the waiting room leaving Ranma with Akane.

"She's stable for now. I wont know the extent of her head injuries until she wakes up. But I wouldn't worry Akane is a fighter, if anyone can pull through it's her." Tofu said with a smile when he noticed Soun was about to break into water works.

"Can we see her?" Nabiki asked looking over at him from her seat on the couch.

"Yeah just make it quick and only a few at a time please." Tofu said with a smile before taking Soun and Kasumi back to see Akane.

"My poor little girl!" Soun wailed the moment he stepped into the room and saw Akane laying on the bed with a bandage around her head. Ranma was still sitting in a chair next to the bed holding hands with Akane, but Tofu noticed by now he had fallen asleep.

Nabiki looked up toward the exam room Akane was in when she heard her father start crying. Shaking her head, she stood up and headed back. Leaning in the doorway she looked over at Kasumi and said, "Kasumi why don't you take father home and get him some dinner. I'll be along in a minute." Nabiki looked over at Akane with a sad smile before looking over at Tofu for support.

"Nabiki's right Mr. Tendo. You should head home and try to get some rest, I will let you know if there is any changes." Tofu said with a smile as he lead Soun out of the room and into the hall where Genma and Nodoka were waiting.

"Yes I think we could all use something to eat." Nodoka said with a smile as she started ushering everyone out. Nabiki was about to protest going as well but Nodoka stopped her with a smile and spoke only loud enough for her to hear.

"I'll send you back with some food for them after we have had the chance to eat." Nabiki thought for a second and then nodded at this and started out of the clinic with the others.

"Ranma? You awake?" Nabiki asked quietly as she walked back into the exam room later that night.

"Yeah Nabs I'm awake." Ranma replied not bothering to turn around to look at her.

"Brought you some food." Nabiki said with a smile as she pulled up a chair next to Ranma and handed him the dish.

"Thanks." Ranma said opening the dish and picking up the chop sticks that came with it.

"How she doing?" Nabiki asked, after he had finished, nodding toward her sister.

"She's in a coma. Dr. Tofu is callin' ya house right now ta tell ya dad and Kasumi." Ranma replied sadly keeping his eyes locked on Akane's face.

"Any idea how long she will stay in a coma?" Nabiki asked hopefully.

"He said it could be days or years, no real way ta know." Ranma said shaking his head sadly.

"She'll be okay Ranma, she's strong." Nabiki said with a smile as she laid her hand on his shoulder.

"I know but it doesn't make the wait any easier." Ranma said softly as he looked up at her.

"Why don't you go home and get some rest." Nabiki suggested when she saw how tired he looked.

"I'm gonna sleep here tonight. Dr. Tofu said we can take her home tomorrow ta make her more comfortable so I'm gonna stay with her until then." Ranma said as he turned back toward Akane.

"Alright I'm going to head home. Kasumi and Aunt Nodoka will need some help cleaning up." Nabiki said as she stood up from her chair and picked up the empty dish.

"Cleanin' up?" Ranma asked confused as he turned to look at her as she reached the door way.

"From the wedding." Nabiki reminded him sadly.

"Oh yeah, I had forgotten." Ranma whispered as he turned back to look at Akane.

"Now remember to change to bandages every day and if she seems like she's in any pain give me a call and I will bring her some stronger pain meds. For now just use the ones I gave you and make sure you put this on her wound when you clean the dressings." Tofu said as he handed Ranma a tube of healing salve.

"And if you need any help I'm sure Kasumi will be happy to." Tofu said with a smile as he placed his hand on Ranma's shoulder. "She'll be fine, it's just going to take a while." Tofu assured him before starting toward the door.

"I know Dr. Tofu, she's too stubborn ta give up." Ranma said with a slight laugh as he sat down on the edge of Akane's bed where he had laid her only a minute before.

"Well ya back home 'Kane. I called Ucchan and the others, they're gonna come o'er today ta talk with ya. Dr. Tofu said it would be good for ya ta have some company, said it would help ya ta fight harder. And ya better 'Kane, ya hear me? No givin' up on me." Ranma demanded as he took a hold of her hand lightly kisses the top of it.

"How she doing?" Ukyo asked as she stood at Akane's doorway and looked into the room.

"No real change since last night." Ranma answered turning to look at her.

"Why don't you go get something to eat, I'll stay with her while you're gone." Ukyo promised with a smile as she walked over and helped Ranma to his feet.

"Alright." Ranma said quietly as he turned and headed out the door. "You can talk to her if ya want. Dr. Tofu says she can hear people talkin' ta her and that it can help her get better faster." Ranma informed her as he stopped in the doorway and turned back to Ukyo.

"Alright." Ukyo said with a smile as she watched Ranma leave before turning back to Akane. "Now the only question is what should we talk about?" Ukyo asked with a laugh to Akane.

"Well I closed Ucchan's for the day so I could come over here to see you and figured Ranma could use some company. Plus I still don't really trust Konatsu to run it by himself. Not that I mind closing it really, yeah I'll lose a day's worth but to tell you the truth I really needed a day off anyways." Ukyo informed Akane as she looked out the window into the yard below.

"It's a beautiful day out. Lots of sun and clear skies. The weather man said we aren't supposed to get any rain for the next few days, although they are pretty much never right, I really hope he is this time. We could really use a few beautiful days like this." Ukyo said with a smile as she turned back toward Akane.

"And if you hurry up and get out of that bed you might even get to see them." Ukyo teased jokingly as she squeezed Akane's hand.

"Shan Pu turn." Shan Pu said as she walked into the room startling Ukyo. "Sorry Shan Pu no mean to scare, Ranma said Shan Pu come visit Akane." Shan Pu said with a smile as she walked over to the bed.

"Ah okay. I could use a stretch anyways. Where's Ranma at?" Ukyo asked with a smile as she stood up and started out of the room.

"Ranma eating." Shan Pu said keeping her back to Ukyo.

"Okay thanks." Ukyo said with a smile as she started downstairs to check on Ranma.

(I hope Akane doesn't mind, but I'm going to talk to you in Chinese. It is too hard speaking in Japanese and Ranma said talking to you would help but he didn't say it had to be in Japanese.)Shan Pu said with a laugh as she switched to her native tongue.

(Mu tsu and I started working at the Cat Café under your sister Nabiki, and poor Mu tsu thought that Khu Lon was a slave driver. But at least Nabiki pays him.) Shan Pu said with a laugh.

(I know what you are thinking, I was never really nice to Mu tsu either and you're right but while I was an Amazon I couldn't. It would just hurt him more then I already was. If I was nice to Mu tsu he would take it as having a chance to marry me and I couldn't marry him if he didn't beat me in combat. The funny thing is Mu tsu probably could have beaten me for years, but he didn't want to hurt me. I always thought it was sweet but Khu Lon saw it as a weakness. I guess I should have just listened to myself but I didn't want to be banished from the tribe. Funny how things work out huh? I should have just gotten banished the first time Mu tsu had asked me to marry him, I would have saved all of us a lot of trouble.) Shan Pu said sadly as she shook her head.

"How's she doin'?" Ranma asked looking up as Ukyo walked into the room and sat down at the table when Kasumi asked her to.

"Same, Shampoo is up there with her now. Hey Ran-chan?" Ukyo asked looking up at him.

"What's up Ucchan?" Ranma asked between mouthfuls of food.

"I don't mean to cause problems, but is Akane safe up there with Shampoo? They're haven't exactly been best friends for the last few years." Ukyo reminded him. Before Ranma could answer, Mu Tsu spoke up.

"You have nothing to worry about, Akane-san is as safe as she would be if Ranma was by her side at the moment." Mu Tsu explained as she sat down at the table and was handed a plate of food by Kasumi.

"What do you mean?" Ukyo asked looking up at him confused.

"For one the whole reason Shan Pu would attack Akane in the past has been removed. Two although Shan Pu is no longer an Amazon and any kiss of death has been removed she is still a warrior and would not dishonor herself by attacking someone who is already in a coma. Plus Akane beat Shan Pu in a fair fight, and Shan Pu sees her as a fellow warrior." Mu Tsu explained as he began eating the food that was in front of him.

"But if that's the case why was Shampoo so bent on killing Ran-chan in the beginning?" Ukyo asked remembering the stories Ranma had told her about when Shan Pu first came to Japan.

"That was his own fault." Mu Tsu said with a laugh. Looking over at Ranma, he noticed the confused look on his face. "What you need to understand about the kiss of death is it's not really a promise of revenge. What it's really meant for is respect toward outside warriors. You're telling them that you see them as someone who is worthy of a fight to the death, which is very honorable to the Amazons."

"But then why did Shampoo act like it was for revenge?" Ranma asked confused as he finished off his plate and set the chop sticks down on top of it.

"Truthfully it is not required to give a kiss of death during a tournament. But Shan Pu was already pissed since you had eaten the prize feast that she had worked so hard to earn and you add to that the fact that you didn't just beat her in fair combat. You humiliated her in front of the entire tribe." Mu Tsu explained as he too finished off the food in front of him.

"Ah." Ranma whispered nodding his head in understanding. "Well I should be getting back up to Akane. Thanks for explainin' that ta me Mu Tsu." Ranma said with a slight bow as he stood up and started toward the stairs.

"Any time." Mu Tsu called after him with a smile.

(And then the bowl of ramen landed on his head. You should have seen the look on his face, it was priceless.) Shan Pu said with a laugh as Ranma walked into the room getting her attention.

"Ranma Shan Pu just finished telling Akane about too too funny story about Mu tsu dropping ramen on head." Shan Pu said with a smile as she looked over at him.

"In Chinese?" Ranma asked with a smile as Shan Pu stood up to give him the spot on the bed next to Akane.

"Shan Pu speak better that way." Shan Pu said with a bow as she started out of the room.

"Thank you Shampoo." Ranma called after her without turning around.

"What for?" Shan Pu asked as she stopped in the doorway to turn around.

"For stayin' with 'Kane." Ranma said with a smile as he turned to her.

"Shan Pu no mind. If Ranma want Shan Pu stay again, Ranma just ask." Shan Pu said with a smile as she headed out of the room.

"Any change today?" Ranma asked walking into Akane's room after Kasumi had finished bathing her, just like he had done every day for the last two months.

"Well she has quite a bit more color to her then she did in the beginning and Dr. Tofu said we should take that as a good sign." Kasumi said with a smile as she stood up from the bed to let Ranma have the spot. "Should I bring your breakfast up now?" Kasumi asked as she walked toward the door.

"Please." Ranma said with a smile before turning back to Akane.

"Alright." Kasumi said as she left the room and started down stairs.

"Good mornin' 'Kane." Ranma said with a smile as he picked up her hand and gently kissed the back on it. "What should I read ta ya today?" Ranma asked as he reached over to her desk and started going through the books Kasumi had put there for him.

"Mmm." The sound coming from behind him caused Ranma to jump and turn around to the bed.

"'Kane!" Ranma screamed happily when he saw her eyes starting to open. "Kasumi!" Ranma screamed as he ran from the room. "Kasumi call Dr. Tofu! 'Kane's wakin' up!" Ranma yelled down the stairs before rushing back into the room.

"Good mornin' 'Kane." Ranma said with a smile as he sat back down on the edge of the bed. Akane looked up at him for a moment before asking,

"Who are you?" Ranma was taken back and just stared at her for a moment, but before he could answer Akane asked, "And who am I?"

"It's normal, this sometimes happens with head injuries like the one Akane sustained." Dr. Tofu explained after he finished examining her.

"Will 'Kane get her memory back?" Ranma asked looking up at him from Akane.

"It's hard to say. There's a really good chance she will, the main question is when." Tofu said with a slight smile.

"So we just wait again?" Ranma asked looking back down at Akane as he sat down next to her.

"I'm afraid so Ranma." Tofu said nodding his head sadly before heading out of the room. "Just keep talking to her and get her out of the house for a bit. Show her things familiar, it helps to speed up the process." Tofu explained before leaving the room.