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Changing Times

Last Time

The Amazons return to China and Khu Lon is banished from the tribe. Mu Tsu is as well once he refuses to marry Shan Pu simply because the elders are making them. Afterwards, Shan Pu asks to be banished as well since there was nothing left for her.

Chapter 4: Unseen by all

Disclaimer The Ranmaverse and all of it's characters are property of the brilliant Takahashi-sama and I claim no ownership of them. Only the story belongs to me.

AN: Alex Ultra brought up a pretty good point and I figured I would answer on here as well as the message I sent him. In case any one had missed it, every other elder other the Khu Lon had voted against her. So unless she has 50 of the vote as Matriarch she would be out voted. And as far as the vile goes you get to find out this chapter :)

Edited 02/23/08

"Not bad, getting better every day." Ranma said with a smile when they had finished their morning spar.

"Got a great sensei." Akane replied with a smile as she wiped the sweat off of her forehead with her towel.

"Of course." Ranma said with an ear to ear grin.

"Aiyee! Ranma!" Shan Pu called out as she jumped over the gate and landed in the yard.

"Back from China?" Ranma asked looking over at her.

"No time talk! Khu Lon coming, Khu Lon mad!" Shan Pu insisted as she ran over to them with Mu Tsu not far behind.

"Didn't like us talking to the Elders?" Akane asked looking over at her.

"Khu Lon get banished, no Elder any more. Khu Lon say she take out on Akane." Shan Pu explained worry noticeable in her voice.

"She should be here soon. We barely got back before her." Mu Tsu said to the rock by the koi pond.

"No time for that Mu Tsu." Shan Pu cried annoyed as she put his glasses down on his face. "Akane go now." Shan Pu insisted turning her attention back to Akane.

"Where? Even if I did run she would just find me." Akane responded after looking up at Ranma for a moment.

"You're quite right about that." Khu Lon said laughing as she walked over to the group.

"Stay away from Akane." Ranma warned as he stepped in front of her.

"If you had just come back to China with us in the first place I wouldn't have to do this." Khu Lon said as he reached into her robe and pulled out a vile before throwing it toward Akane.

"Akane look out!" Ranma screamed as he leaped at her, trying to knock her out of the way. The vile shattered when it hit the ground in front of them and cause a large explosion. When the smoke had cleared both Ranma and Akane were gone.

"What did you do with Ranma and Akane?" Genma, who had come out with Soun when Khu Lon showed up demanded looking over at her.

Khu Lon looked over at him and smiled. "They are some where where you will never find them." Khu Lon said laughing before turning and leaving the yard.

"My little girl!" Soun cried out as the water works kicked in.

"Do you two know how to get them back?" Genma asked looking over at Shan Pu and Mu Tsu, who were still standing there in shock.

"Shan Pu no know. Shan Pu try find out." Shan Pu promised as she turned and headed out of the yard.

"We will let you know if we find anything." Mu Tsu promised with a nod of his head before following Shan Pu out.

"What happened?" Akane asked rubbing the back of her head. She winced when she brushed up against the knot on the back of her head. "What did Cologne throw at me?" Akane wondered as she looked around trying to get her bearings straight.

"Hey Akane you okay?" Ranma asked as he sat up next to her.

"Yeah just a bump on the head. What happened to Shampoo and Mu Tsu?" Akane asked looking around noticing they were the only two in the yard.

"I guess we were out for a while, but they could have at least brought us inside." Ranma said annoyed as he stood up before helping Akane to her feet. "Let's head inside and see what's going on." Ranma suggested as he started toward the door.

"Good idea." Akane agreed as she followed him in.

"Hey what's the big idea leaving us out in the yard?" Ranma asked as he walked into the dinning room to find their dads, Kasumi and Nabiki sitting around the table.

"So she said some place we'll never find them? Did she say anything else?" Nabiki asked looking over at Genma.

"No that was it. Shampoo and Mu Tsu are looking into it but even they don't know what she did to Ranma and Akane." Genma replied shaking his head.

"What are you talking about pop? We're right here." Ranma said waving his arms in the air.

"Umm Ranma I don't think they can see us." Akane said after waving her hands in front of her father's face.

"Wait, the old ghoul made it so they can't see or hear us? What is the point in that?" Ranma asked confused.

"Well she wasn't trying to get you Ranma, only me. And how am I supposed to ask for help when no one can hear me?" Akane asked as she looked back at the rest of the group around the table.

"So what do we do?" Ranma asked after a moment.

"Hope Shampoo and the others can come up with something." Akane responded, not really sure herself.

"Great this just keeps getting better doesn't it?" Ranma asked with a laugh. Before Akane could respond, Nabiki stood up and headed upstairs passing right through Ranma. "Umm she just walked through me." Ranma said confused as he pointed after Nabiki.

"I saw. I wonder..." Akane said as she reached out to touch the table. "No it's solid. Why would people pass through us but my hand doesn't pass through the table?" Akane asked looking up at Ranma.

"I don't know but I'm hungry." Ranma said with a laugh as he picked up the bowl that had been sat out for him.

"Enjoy that while you can, after tonight Kasumi probably wont set out food for us since we're not there to them. You're going to have to eat my cooking." Akane said with a smile as she picked up her bowl as well.

"Well no sense letting this go to waste." Genma said with a smile as he reached over to picked up Ranma's bowl. "Hey where'd it go?" Genma asked confused when he noticed the bowl was no longer there.

"My little girl!" Soun wailed soaking both Kasumi and Genma in his tears.

"Good idea Soun." Genma said as he reached over for Akane's bowl. "Huh? That one's gone too? What is going on?" Genma asked scratching his head.

"I don't know. Would you like some tea?" Kasumi asked looking over at him with a smile.

"Not right now thanks. Soun let's go play a game of go, it will do you some good to get your mind off things." Genma said getting up and leading Soun away from the table.

"Weird so when we pick up something, it disappears completely from them?" Akane asked looking over at Ranma.

"Looks that way. I guess it can't just float in midair there." Ranma replied laughing.

"Why not?" Akane asked as she set her empty bowl back down on the table.

"Well if they saw a bunch of floating objects they would be able to figure out where we are pretty easy. What would be the point of sending us here then?" Ranma asked with a laugh as he put his bowl back down as well.

"I guess you have a point there." Akane said with a smile.

Akane was laying down in her bed later that night when she heard her window opening, looking over she saw Ranma climbing in over her desk. "What's up Ranma?" Akane asked when he was standing next to her bed.

"Couldn't get to sleep with out you, mind if I sleep in here?" Ranma asked with a grin.

"Sure just don't try anything." Akane replied with a laugh as she pulled the blankets back so he could climb in.

"Me try anything? Never!" Ranma insisted with a smile as he got into the bed next to her and covered himself up.

"Uh huh sure." Akane mocked with a smile as she curled up next to him.

"Did I try anything the entire time we were in China?" Ranma asked as he pulled her into a tight embrace.

"No but we weren't invisible to everyone at the time." Akane replied giggling.

"True, but don't worry I'll wait til we're married." Ranma said as he kissed Akane on her forehead.

"Good night Ranma." Akane said as she rested her head in the crook of his shoulder.

"Good night Akane." Ranma whispered as he closed his eyes.

"Making breakfast?" Ranma asked with a smile as he walked into the kitchen to find Akane standing at the stove.

"Yeah Kasumi already put their food out on the table so I figured it was a good time to get ours ready." Akane said turning to face him with a smile.

"You being careful?" Ranma asked as he looked into the skillet. Well it looks and smells like food. Let's just hope it tastes that way. Ranma thought to himself.

"Yes I have been very careful." Akane said with a smile before shooing him away from the stove.

"I'll get some more tea." Kasumi said with a smile as she stood up from the table and headed into the kitchen. "Oh my." Kasumi whispered when she saw the skillet on the stove. Guess that answers that question. Kasumi thought to herself with a smile as she walked back into the dinning room.

"Where's the tea Kasumi?" Soun asked when she came back empty handed.

"It will have to wait, the kitchen is occupied at the moment." Kasumi informed him with a smile.

"By who?" Nabiki asked confused.

"Not sure but by the look of things I would say Akane is cooking."

"What?!" Echoed the people around the table. Nabiki, Soun and Genma all looked at each other for a moment before jumping up and dashing into the kitchen.

"Well the mess does look like Akane's doing." Nabiki agreed when she looked around the kitchen.

"My little girl!" Soun wailed as the water works started in once again.

"I don't see what the big deal is, I was only cooking breakfast." Akane said annoyed as she looked over at the audience

"Yeah but ya gotta remember they can't see us, plus they have no idea we're still here." Ranma reminded her as they headed toward the table with their food.

"On the bright side, at least we don't have to eat what ever it was she cooked." Nabiki said with a laugh as Kasumi started cleaning up the kitchen. They weren't able to hear Akane's response, had they been able to, they probably would have run scared from the growl that echoed off of the walls.

"Just ignore her Akane, it tastes great." Ranma said with a smile trying to calm her down.

"She is very lucky I can't mallet her at the moment." Akane growled under her breath as she started eating her breakfast. Ranma just smiled to himself, for once it wasn't him on the receiving end of her anger.

As Akane opened the door and walked into the room, she saw Nabiki sitting down at her desk typing at her computer. "Time for some pay back. Wonder what I can do to her from here." Akane thought out loud as she walked over and noticed Nabiki was typing up some progress reports on money she was owed.

"I wonder..." Akane said out loud as she reached over and hit the delete key once. The letter that had just been typed was deleted startling Nabiki. Akane grin from ear to ear and she pushed back down on the button and held it until every thing that had been typed out was gone.

"What the?" Nabiki cried out as she jumped back from her desk.

'That's for making fun of my cooking.' Akane typed out to her.

'Akane?' Nabiki typed on the computer.

'Yes but you can talk, I can hear you.' Akane reminded her with a laugh.

"You two okay?" Nabiki asked as she kept her eyes fixed on her computer.

'Yeah a bit bored but okay. Want me to get Ranma?' Akane wondered.

"No let me call up Shampoo and let them know about this. It might help them find a way to bring you two back." Nabiki said before rushing out of the room and heading downstairs for the phone.

"Well that was interesting." Akane said with a smile as she walked into the dojo to find Ranma practicing a kata.

"What was?" Ranma asked not bothering to stop.

"Seems I can talk to Nabiki by typing on her computer." Akane said as she started warming up.

"Really?" Ranma asked as he stopped and looked at her.

"Yeah she's gonna tell Mu Tsu and Shampoo about it, thinks it might help us get outta here." Akane said as she got into a offensive stance.

"Nice. Ready?" Ranma asked as he took his normal relaxed stance.

"Yeah. Been wondering some thing though." Akane said as she leaped at him with a kick to his head.

"What's that?" Ranma asked as he dodged the attack with ease.

"Well all that about Cologne getting revenge and killing me and all, this seems almost too easy. I mean what's the point?" Akane asked as she moved into the dodge and try a round house to his stomach as she came down out of the air.

"I know what you mean. What ever the point of this was..." Ranma started as he back flipped away from her kick. "I don't think this is the revenge. As far as I can tell..." Ranma leaped over the next round of kicks that were thrown at him.

"This isn't her revenge. If it was it would be her wanting us out of the way while she attacked our family, but she's not. Something tells me what ever it is she has planned she just needed us out of the way for a few days." Ranma informed her as he switched from defensive and started to attack Akane.

"Why do you keep saying us? The vile was aimed at me." Akane said confused as she began blocking punches that were aimed at her stomach. She missed a few of them and was thrown across the room.

"I think that's what she wanted us to believe." Ranma said as he relaxed back into his stance as he waited for Akane to get back up. "Think about it." Ranma said as he jumped into the air, trying to catch Akane with a kick to the head.

"Everyone knows by now that I'm gonna jump in to protect you, she saw me standing not that far from you. I think she meant to get both of us." Ranma explained as he landed a round house kick to Akane's side sending her flying across the room again.

"Come on Akane concentrate, you should have been able to block that one." Ranma said shaking his head as he watched her stand up.

"Okay we're all set up." Nabiki said with a smile as she started up the computer she had just moved into the dining room.

"What's with the computer?" Mu Tsu asked with raised eye brows.

"It's so Ranma and Akane can talk to us." Nabiki said looking over at him and Shan Pu. "You guys here?" Nabiki asked the air around them.

'Yep. We're both here.' Ranma typed on the computer.

"Interesting." Mu Tsu said with a smile.

'So any luck getting us back see able?' Ranma asked via the computer.

"We think so. If it's what we think it is, then we should be able to fix it." Mu Tsu said with a smile.

'Good I need to be able to mallet Nabiki for a comment she made this morning.' Akane typed causing Ranma to laugh and Nabiki to wince.

"Shan Pu get stuff to fix ready. Shan Pu have done by tomorrow. But Shan Pu no understand why Khu Lon do is...Ayiee!" Shan Pu cried out turning toward Mu Tsu for his support

"What Shan Pu was trying to say is this is too easily solved for the type of revenge she should have been going after. Unless she just wanted you out of the way for a while, which I don't see that as being the case since she hasn't tried anything, sending you to a parallel dimension that's easy to get you back from seems more like a practical joke rather then revenge." Mu Tsu said gaining a nod from Shan Pu.

'We were thinking the same thing. But I believe that Cologne wanted both me and Akane out of the way, by now she had to know I was going to jump in the way. She should have been expecting it. Something tells me that what ever she is planning, it's going to take a while but she needed us out of the way now.' Ranma typed out.

"You're probably right. We'll keep an eye out for what ever she might be doing. But for now we need to start working on the potion to get you back. We'll be by tomorrow." Mu Tsu said standing up and heading out with Shan Pu following.

"Greetings." Akane said with a smile as Ranma climbed in through her window later that night.

"Hello." Ranma said with a grin as he shut her window and climbed into the bed.

"Why don't you use the door? It's not like they can see you." Akane said with a laugh as Ranma pulled the blanket up, covering both of them.

"Habit really." Ranma said with a laugh as he pulled Akane against him.

"So all we have to do is throw this where they are standing?" Nabiki asked gesturing toward the vile in Shan Pu's hand.

"Yes that is all." Mu Tsu agreed with a nod.

"Okay Ranma, Akane stand near the computer and let me know when you are ready." Nabiki said after Shan Pu handed her the vile and she turned toward the computer.

'Ready.' Ranma typed out as he held onto Akane's hand.

"Here goes nothing." Nabiki said with a laugh as she threw the vile down in front of the computer. The vile shattered as it hit the floor and caused a cloud of smoke to engulf the entire area. As it started to dissipate, two figures could be seen in the middle of it. Once the smoke was cleared completely, Ranma and Akane were standing there still holding hands.

"Welcome back." Nabiki said with a smile as she walked over and hugged Akane.

"You know this doesn't get you out of a malleting." Akane said with a laugh when the hug had ended.

"Yeah yeah." Nabiki said sticking out her tongue.

"I still think that was way to easy." Akane said shaking her head as she climbed up on the roof and found Ranma sitting there later that night.

"I agree. What ever her true plan was, that was just to get us out of the way for a bit. We won't really know what she was planning until she strikes" Ranma agreed as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"Deal with it when it comes?" Akane asked as she leaned her head down on his shoulder.

"Sounds good." Ranma said with a smile.