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Changing Times

Last Time

After Akane trained for a week and beat Shan Pu in a fair fight, Ranma and Akane decide to head out and tie up loose ends since it doesn't look like Khu Lon was going to give up. They head to China and after Akane beats Lang Ling in a fight, the elders agree to deal with Khu Lon.

Chapter 3: Return to the Amazons

Disclaimer The Ranmaverse and all of it's characters are property of the brilliant Takahashi-sama and I claim no ownership of them. Only the story belongs to me.

AN: I realize this chapter doesn't really explain as much as it should with the Amazons but it is only a side story and I didn't want to add too much to it.

Side Story

(Be ready to leave in the morning.) Khu Lon said coming down the stairs of the Nekohanten.

(Why great-grandmother?) Shan Pu asked confused.

(The elders have sent word for us to return.) Was all the information she gave before heading back upstairs.

(I wonder what this is all about.) Shan Pu said looking over at Mu Tsu.

(I don't know, but at least she's giving up on Ranma and Akane for the moment. I think we should take this as a blessing for now.) Mu Tsu said with a slight nod before heading upstairs to pack.

(Thank you honorable elders.) Shan Pu whispered to herself before heading upstairs after him.

Before the sun have even begun to rise, the three amazons were boarding a boat to China. Khu Lon quickly left the two younger ones and made her way to her small room. (What could the elders want right now?) Khu Lon thought out loud to herself as she set up her stuff and went back to working on the plan she had been preparing before the letter had arrived.

(The Tendo girl will pay for this. I will make sure of that.) Khu Lon growled as she continued working on the potion.

Shan Pu stared out into the ocean as they took off from the port and watched as Japan became smaller and smaller before her eyes. (Any idea what she is up to?) Mu Tsu asked as he walked next to Shan Pu and put his hands on the railing in front of them.

(I don't know and I don't think I want to. I only hope what ever it is, she isn't able to see it through.) Shan Pu said with a sigh. Mu Tsu looked down at her and saw the worried look on her face and decided it would be a good idea to change the subject.

(I wonder what the elders want.) Mu Tsu said as he looked back out into the ocean.

(What ever it is, it is not good. There is only two reasons they would call all of us back like that. A war and for punishment.) Shan Pu said softly not taking her eyes off the last speck of Japan she could still see.

(I haven't heard of any battles breaking out in that part of China.) Mu Tsu said shaking his head.

(Neither have I.) Shan Pu said sadly as she looked up at him. (Mu Tsu.) Hearing his name, he looked down at her and couldn't help but smile at her beauty. (Thank you for always being my friend.) Shan Pu said with a slight smile before leaning up to kiss him on the cheek. Mu Tsu just stood there blushing as he watched her walk away.

(Anytime Shan Pu, any time.) Mu Tsu said sweetly before turning back to look at the ocean.

(Welcome home.) The elder said walking up to the trio as they walked in through the gates.

(Thank you honorable elder.) The three said in unison as they bowed to her.

(Mu Tsu please wait out here while I speak to them.) The elder said before turning around and heading into the main hut. Mu Tsu simply bowed and headed over to the bonfire to wait for his turn.

(Hello Mu Tsu.) Came a familiar voice behind him.

Without turning to see who it was, he said, (Hello Lang Ling.) and smiled as the girl sat down next to him.

(You missed some excitement we had recently.) Lang Ling said with a smile.

(Oh yeah? What happened?) Mu Tsu asked as he turned and looked at the rock that was sitting next to him. Lang Ling just laughed and pushed his glasses back down on his nose. Mu Tsu shook his head confused then turned to the other side. (There you are.) Mu Tsu said simply.

(We had a visit from Ranma and Akane.) Lang Ling said and smiled when she saw she had his full attention.

(Elder Khu Lon) The elder said as she took her place in her seat with the other elders.

(Yes honorable elder.) Khu Lon said with a bow.

(We had a recent visit from one Ranma Saotome.) The elder said then heard Shan Pu gasp, Khu Lon just remained silent. (I have heard of what you have been doing in Japan and while you were trying to uphold the amazon laws, you acted dishonorably.) This got her attention and she tensed up, but didn't look up at the elder.

(There is no honor in poisoning and brainwashing people to get your way, at least not without just cause, which you didn't have. You lied to us in your letters home about what you were doing. And even after Shan Pu was defeated in fair combat for Ranma by Akane you still came to her house looking for revenge When warranted it is okay but there was no reason for you to seek revenge on Akane, it was not honorable. The elders have talked about this and your fate has been decided unanimously You are hereby stripped of your elder title and banished from amazon land.)

At this Khu Lon shot her gaze up at the elders and looked into each other their eyes, not one looked away from her. Khu Lon simply bowed and walked out of the hut, leaving the village of her ancestors behind her. For a long time no one spoke, and Shan Pu kept her gaze on the floor, not risking being the first one to talk.

(Bring in Mu Tsu.) The elder said finally and one of the girls at the door walked outside to get him.

(Wow she beat you, saved your life from the fire, and in doing so lost the fight?) Mu Tsu asked still not really believing it.

(Yeah she was even asked to join us but she turned the elder down.) Lang Ling said shaking her head.

(Not surprised, I don't think she's gonna want to deal with amazons for a long time.) Mu Tsu said, the last few words getting softer as he watched Khu Lon leaving the village. (This is bad.) Mu Tsu said shaking his head as he looked back toward the hut she had come from.

(Why?) Lang Ling asked confused.

(She didn't have her elder staff.) Mu Tsu said knowing what that meant, she had lost her elder spot and more then likely been banished. (Poor Shan Pu.) Mu Tsu said softly as an amazon started walking toward him from the tent. He smiled at Lang Ling and then stood up to follow her into the hut.

(Mu Tsu I am sure you have heard by now that we had a visit from Ranma and Akane.) The elder said and after Mu Tsu nodded that he had she continued. (While they were here they spoke out on your behalf, yours and Shan Pu's. This is the only reason the two of you aren't being banished along with Khu Lon Instead, the elders have agreed as to what should be done with the two of you.) The elder said before turning to Shan Pu.

(Shan Pu, Mu Tsu will be your husband.) Shan Pu just nodded her head in agreement. Then Mu Tsu said what she never thought she would ever heard and for a moment she thought she had heard him wrong until he repeated it.

(No.) Mu Tsu said calmly even though he know what was coming. (Mu Tsu no! Why would you do that?) Shan Pu asked in utter confusion as she turned to look at him.

(Mu Tsu take it back before it's too late.) Shan Pu pleaded as she grabbed onto the sleeve of his robe.

(No Shan Pu I will not force you to marry me, I would be no better then Khu Lon trying to force Ranma to marry you.) Mu Tsu said as he looked up at her with a smile. She stared at him in complete disbelief, unable to understand why he was doing what he was, but before she could say anything else, the elder spoke again.

(Very well Mu Tsu, then you are hereby banished from amazon land. You are no longer one of our people.) The elder said without a hint of emotion in her voice.

(Yes honorable elder.) Mu Tsu said with a bow before stealing one last look at Shan Pu and heading out of the hut.

(Mu Tsu no.) Shan Pu pleaded as she watched him leave. (Honorable elders please, please don't banish Mu Tsu.) Shan Pu pleaded as she turned back to them.

(He made his choice Shan Pu. What's done is done.) The elder said pointly. Shan Pu looked back at the door and then took off running outside.

(Mu Tsu why did you do that?!) Shan Pu called after him as she watched him walking through the gates, the tears started to fall down her cheeks but she made no move to remove them.

(Goodbye Shan Pu.) Mu Tsu called back softly as the tears began to make their way down his face as well.

(There is nothing we can do for him Shan Pu.) The elder said as she came up next to Shan Pu.

(Honorable elder.) Shan Pu said as she choked back the tears.

(Yes Shan Pu.)

(Banish me.) Shan Pu said coolly as she looked where Mu Tsu had headed, though he could no longer be seen.

(Why dear child?) The elder asked with the slightest hint of sympathy in her voice.

(It is not fair that Mu Tsu is turned away, even if by his own choice, when he has done nothing wrong and I, who has done everything wrong, is allowed to remain here. Please honorable elder, banish me. I haven't nothing left for me here.)

(Very well child. Shan Pu you are hereby banished from amazon land and no longer one of us.) The elder said and watched as Shan Pu started off in the direction Mu Tsu had gone.

(If she loves him enough to be banished to be with him, why didn't she just marry him in the first place?) Lang Ling asked as she walked over and stood next to the elder.

(Pride dear child, pride.) The elder said shaking her head.

(Shan Pu and my brother sure are odd.) Lang Ling said with a smile.

(That they are.) The elder said before turning and heading back to her hut, letting one single tear slide down her cheek.

Khu Lon had set up her camp as far away as she could get in one night's journey and began making plans for her return to Japan as she sat before the fire. (You will do nicely.) Khu Lon said with an evil grin as she held up the vial, full of the potion she had been working on. (Akane Tendo, you will pay dearly for this.) Khu Lon vowed to herself as she swirled the mixture around with a cackle.
(Why did you do it Mu Tsu?) Shan Pu asked, her voice full of concern, as she walked into his camp later that night.

(Shan Pu?) Mu Tsu asked confused as he turned away from his fire to look at her. (Shan Pu what are you doing here? You will get in trouble if you are seen talking with a banished one.) Mu Tsu said with a horrified look on his face.

(Not if I am banished as well.) Shan Pu said as she walked over and sat down next to him.

(Right not if you're bani...WHAT?!) Mu Tsu screamed as what she had said finally sunk in. Shan Pu just smiled up at him before resting her head on his shoulder. (Why did you get banished Shan Pu? It wasn't because I told the elders no was it? Please tell me I didn't get you banished.) Mu Tsu said as he once again began crying.

(No Mu Tsu, I asked to be.) Shan Pu said with a sigh as she looked into the fire.

(Why would you do that Shan Pu? What could be worth losing your home, your family, your honor?) Mu Tsu asked in complete disbelief.

(I didn't lose my honor, in fact by doing what I did, I was able to keep it.) Shan Pu said with a smile as she looked up at the stars overhead. (The stars out here are beautiful, you can barely see them in Nermia) Shan Pu said as she traced the constellations she knew with her finger.

(Shan Pu don't change the subject. Tell me, what was worth losing everything?) Mu Tsu asked again as he turned her so she was facing him.

(You.) Shan Pu said sweetly before leaning up to kiss him softly on the lips. Mu Tsu just stared at her in shock as she curled up against him, pushing him back onto the ground, and rested her head on his chest. A moment later she was sleeping peacefully and Mu Tsu watched her body rise and fall with her slow, steady breathing.

(I love you Shan Pu.) Mu Tsu said softly as he brushed her hair out of her face and closed his eyes.

(Good morning Mu Tsu.) Shan Pu said with a smile as she watched him getting up.

(Oh good morning Shan Pu.) Mu Tsu said with a bow to the camp fire. Shan Pu just shook her head laughing. (So what are we going to do?) Mu Tsu asked the tent.

(We are going to eat breakfast.) Shan Pu said with a smile as she took the food off the fire.

(You made me breakfast?) Mu Tsu asked his back pack with a large smile.

(No Mu Tsu the backpack didn't make you breakfast.) Shan Pu said with a giggle.

Mu Tsu looked confused and put down his glasses and shook his head at the bag before turning to the real Shan Pu. Just seeing her face brought a smile to his lips but thoughts of the night before came to his mind and his expression quickly became saddened.

(Don't worry Mu Tsu we will be okay.) Shan Pu said with a reassuring smile as she handed him a plate of food and kissed him on the cheek.

(So what are we going to do?) Mu Tsu asked looking up at Shan Pu as he ate his breakfast.

(I don't see a point in staying in China, there's nothing left for us here.) Shan Pu said sadly. (Maybe back to Nermia) Shan Pu said after a moment.

(There's nothing left for us there either Shan Pu.) Mu Tsu said with a sigh as he looked at his plate.

(We have friends there and besides Khu Lon isn't going to give up. She will go back after Akane and Ranma.) Shan Pu said matter-of-factly, knowing her ex-great-grandmother was probably already making plans to go after them.

(Friends?) Mu Tsu asked with a raised eyebrow.

(Yeah when Ranma told me he chose Akane he also told me he wanted to be my friend and even with me trying to steal him, the others always came to help when it was needed. I think, as long as I don't try to take Ranma, which I don't plan on, I think they will be our friends. And besides they will need our help when Khu Lon does show up to attack them.) Shan Pu said nodding as she finished off her breakfast.

(Alright Shan Pu, back to Nermia) Mu Tsu said with a smile.