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Changing Times

Last Time

An earthquake rocked Nermia killing both fathers and Ranma's mother, along with paralyzing Ukyo. Nabiki decides to name the restaurant 'Ransum' as an acronym for Ranma, Akane, Nabiki, Shampoo, Ukyo and Mu Tsu.

Chapter 8: But I'm a girl!

Disclaimer The Ranmaverse and all of it's characters are property of the brilliant Takahashi-sama and I claim no ownership of them. Only the story belongs to me.

AN: This chapter's pretty short more of a side story really.

Edited 02/23/08

"And we are finished." Ranma said with a smile as he nailed the last board to the dojo.

"Wow only six months and both the house and the dojo are rebuilt." Akane said with a smile as she wiped the sweat off of her forehead and look around the dojo.

"Yeah not bad you guys." Ukyo said with a smile as she wheeled herself over to them.

"Oh my you guys did an amazing job." Kasumi said with a smile as she bought in a pitcher of lemonade.

"Nah what's really amazing is in those six months Ryoga only got himself lost twice." Ranma said laughing as he picked up a glass.

"Ha ha very funny Ranma." Ryoga said growling at him as he grabbed a glass as well.

"To the Tendo and Saotome dojo." Akane said with a smile as she raised her glass with the others following in suit.

"Hey wait why does ya name get ta be first?" Ranma asked looking over at her after taking a sip of the lemonade.

"Cause the dojo was mine first silly." Akane said with a smile as she looked around the dojo again.

"And besides Ranma, I paid for the sign." Nabiki said with a grin as she walked in. Ranma just rolled his eyes at her as he wrapped his arm around Akane.

"You guys ready for the news?" Nabiki asked with her 'I'm about to make money' expression on her face.

"I'm almost afraid ta ask Nabs." Ranma said with a laugh as he looked up at her.

"You're first students arrive tomorrow." Nabiki said with a grin.

"Already? But we just finished today." Akane complained shaking her head in disbelief.

"Yep word got out that Saotome was going to be one of the teachers, not to mention you're the other one, and people were lining up. Both weekend classes are already full and you may want to start thinking about Friday classes as well." Nabiki said as she finished off her lemonade and started back inside.

"Well my lunch hour is over I should be getting back to Ransum." Ukyo said as she waved goodbye to everyone and wheeled herself out of the dojo.

"Tomorrow?" Akane asked looking up at Ranma.

"Tomorrow." Ranma said nodding as he stood and helped Akane to her feet. "How about a spar before dinner?" Ranma asked with a smile as he took a relaxed stance and waited for Akane to take her own.

"And I thought we were bad." Ryoga said shaking his head as he started out of the dojo.

"Ready when you are." Akane said with a smile as she slipped into her stance.

"Oh my. I should get dinner started." Kasumi said with a smile as she followed after Ryoga and turned him in the right direction when he went to wander off the wrong way.

"Well today is the day daddy." Akane said with a smile as she lit the incense at his shrine. "We start the first class in just a few hours. We may not be married yet but the school's have been joined just like you always wanted daddy. I hope we make you proud daddy." Akane said with a bow to the shrine before standing back up and heading out of the room.

"Breakfast will be ready in a little bit Akane." Kasumi said with a smile as she stuck her head out of the kitchen door.

"Okay Kasumi. I'm going for my jog I'll be back soon." Akane said with a smile as she headed toward the mud room and put on her running shoes.

As Akane came back through the gate after her walk she noticed a package was waiting by the door. "Wonder who sent that." Akane thought out loud as she walked over and picked it up. "From the guide?" Akane said with a confused look on her face that lasted for only a moment. "The guide!" Akane cried out as she rushed into the house.

"Ranma!" Akane cried out as she rushed toward the stairs, eager to give him the good news. Ranma who heard her yell, of course took this in the worst way he could, as he bringing attacked, and rushed down the stairs to find her. So of course, when they met up on the stairs they crashed into each other and the box that Akane was holding was thrown into the air, only to land and break over her head.

As the bottle that contained the water broke, Akane was soaked and quickly turned into a man, this however went unnoticed by her at the moment. "Ranma you baka!" Akane screamed in a lower voice then normal.

"'Kane?" Ranma asked as he looked over the changes in his fiancé’s body.

"You idiot that was your cure! Why did you come rushing down the stairs like that?" Akane yelled at him as she held the broken pieces of the box in 'her' hands.

"I heard ya yellin' I thought ya were hurt." Ranma explained unable to take his eyes off of her.

"Can't you tell the difference from my happy cry to my hurt one?" Akane asked annoyed.

"Well it's not like I hear the happy one all that often." Ranma replied of course before he had thought about it and of course this caused Akane to get angry.

"Ranma you jerk!" Akane yelled as she leaped towards him.

"Now 'Kane just calm down." Ranma pleaded as he jumped over her and landed on the bottom of the stairs.

"Why should I calm down you just destroyed your cure!" Akane yelled at him as she turned to face him.

"Shouldn't ya be more worried about the fact that ya are a guy now?" Ranma asked confused as he waved his hand at her.

"It hasn't sunk in yet." Akane said shaking her head after thinking about it for a moment. "Now stop changing the subject and let me kill you!" Akane cried out as she jumped off the stairs and headed straight for Ranma.

But before she could reach him, Shan Pu jumped in-between and in a quick round house kick, sent Akane flying to the other side of the room. "Who you and why you attack Ranma?" Shan Pu asked as she got into her ready stance.

"Shampoo no!" Ranma cried out as he rushed over to Akane's side. "'Kane ya okay?" Ranma asked worried as he helped her to sit up.

"Akane?" Shan Pu asked confused as she turned to look at the others around them, hoping they could offer some kind of explanation, but they all just shrugged their shoulders.

"Yeah I'm fine." Akane said as she stood back up and dusted herself off.

"What Ranma talking about? Why Ranma call guy Akane?" Shan Pu asked as she looked over at them.

"Because I am Akane. This baka came rushing down the stairs and bumped into me, breaking the box that contained his cure over my head." Akane said pointing to Ranma.

"Well why'd ya go rushin' up the stairs like that yellin'?" Ranma asked.

"Cause your cure was here you baka!" Akane screamed at him as she tossed the pieces of box she was still holding at him.

"Oh my Akane would you like some hot water?" Kasumi asked with a smile as she walked in with a tea pot.

"Thank you Kasumi." Akane said as she dumped the water over her head and was soon back to her normal sex.

"Dinner time!" Kasumi called out the door hours later as the classes had just finished up.

"Great I'm starved!" Ranma cried with a laugh as he rushed toward the house and took his normal spot.

"When aren't you Ranma?" Akane asked with a laugh as she sat down next to him. Everyone started digging in, but as Akane picked up her chopsticks and started bringing them to her mouth she stopped and stared off into space.

"What's wrong 'Kane?" Ranma asked in-between bites as he looked over at her. Akane either ignored him or didn't hear him as she continued to stare.

A moment later a loud scream echoed off the walls around them, a scream that was even heard in down town Nermia. "Looks like it sunk in." Ranma said quickly backing away as Akane continued to scream.