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.: Changing Times :.

Chapter Summaries

Longest Week-Ranma and Akane share their first real kiss but when Ranma seems to act like he doesn't remember it, Akane becomes very annoyed, add to that a camping trip where they will be stuck together for a full week, and something is bound to happen.

Tying Loose Ends-The battle for Ranma has now started, who will win? Shampoo or Akane? And how will Ranma deal with the other fiancÚs?

Return to the Amazons-What happens when the Amazon trio is called back to China by the Elders?(Side Story)

Unseen by All-To get her revenge on Akane, Cologne sends Akane into another dimension where no one can see or hear her...but wait did Cologne really want Ranma in there with her? And is this really her revenge or did she just want them out of the way?

Wake up Akane-It's the day of their wedding, but where is Akane? How did she end up in a coma? Will she ever remember Ranma once she wakes up from it with no memories?

Never Leave You-Everyone needs a break and decides to go on a camping what happens when Ranma falls into the river far below when the bridge breaks? What does Akane do about it? And will she finally remember her past?

Tradgey Remains-(Warning this is a darkish chapter.) A huge earthquake rocks Nermia and not everyone makes it out alive or in one piece.

But I'm a Girl!-A package shows up at the rebuilt Tendo house one day for Ranma from the guide...But what happens when the box breaks over someone else?

Return to China-Time to go back to China to try to finally cure their curses, but what is Cologne doing there and what did she do to the springs?

The Day has Come-Finally the day has come for Ranma and Akane to get married giving people the chance to look back on everything that has happened to get them to this day.


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