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Friday, 20 October 2006
Mood:  cheeky
we hang out like it's all ok... look at what i'm wearing! look at how close i am to you. and i really think you don't notice. i want to know me through your eyes. (maby i don't) i want to see what you see. think the things that run through your mind. then i'd know when to act. then i know if i really had NO CHANCE AT ALL! or if there was a part of you that still wanted a piece of me. do you still want a peace of me...or am i clinging to what i want to be real. even tho i know it's not. (should i just stop and be your friend... go back to being one of the guys???) all it was was a miscalculated misrepresentation of facts the short of it...I FUCKED UP AND I WAS WRONG! tell me how much fun i'm havin. tell me why just listening to you makes me smile even tho you blew me off yesterday. tell me why i'm writing this instead of telling you. no, i can tell you that. i fear that our friendship rests on burying this. now to analyze which i value more our friendship or...that. what do you think???

jsut force me! force me to let you read it. DON"T JUST SIT THERE!!! please don't be just another man. why? why do i wanna feel your hands on my body? why can't i stop. that is what i fear. that you'll pick this up, read it, and tell me to go away. that is what i don't need, want, or hope for. so maby...i'll go away

Posted by funky/forbidden_stuff at 12:01 AM HDT
Updated: Saturday, 21 October 2006 7:34 PM HDT
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Thursday, 19 October 2006
ok so it's not a blog just a series of thoughts...
Mood:  accident prone
he says no but his eyes, his body they say yes. i look at him only to catch him glanceing my way. like a child he looks away ashamed of his own thoughts. he tries to seperate us, but all it does is draw me in more. i don't want it to get akward or weird. well if we continue as we are... we won't have to worry about work. i just wanna feel you close again. smell your body, taste you again. i wanna slide my lips around your dick i want to hear you enjoy it. i want you to tell me what to do to pleasure you to make you cum. do what you want to me slide your hand down my shirt grab my tits, rub them. you know you want to. you want to feel me around you and i want to feel you inside of me so what's stopping us? is it somehting i did/didn't do? tell me because i see you want me and when i see you i want it too

Posted by funky/forbidden_stuff at 12:01 AM HDT
Updated: Saturday, 21 October 2006 7:33 PM HDT
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