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Brakes are an important part of your car. Anytime your brakes feel soft, mushy, pulsate or do not feel as though they are stopping your car adequately. it is imperative to have them checked immediately. The same is true for a "brake light" lit on the dash. Brake problems are a safety issue that should never be ignored. Your brakes are designed with "squeaker" tabs, when your brake pad/shoe is due for replacement, your car will make a squeaking sound when applying the brake. Delaying having your brakes serviced at the first sign of a brake problem can and will lead to expensive brake repairs. Brakes can also squeak because of dust or other reasons, however, assuming it "is probably nothing" can have a bad result, so be safe and never "skimp" on safety! Get your car over to Flash for a thorough brake inspection. It could save your life and/or someone else's.