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Bill Harrington grew up as a race fan, going to races at an early age to Corona Speedway. Bill gained a lot of inspiration by watching Bill Cheesbourg, Dennis Fetter and Carl Trimmer. Bill's father raced stock cars on dirt, which added to his interest in racing. He also gained motivation from helping his older brothers with their various projects, including, V8 Vega conversions and building Street Muscle Cars as well as racing dirt bikes.

In most recent time, the influence of helping his younger brother,(Brian Harrington)in the completion of his Factory Stock #21, finalized his decision to become a car builder and driver. Bill then began his project on the #122. The #122 car got off to a rough start in the 2001 season by starting out with a new motor and motor problems due to a local machine shop error.

Bill finds fulfillment and enjoyment in the designing and fabrications of race cars. He also likes the challenge of building more horse power and helping cars gain speed and handling. It is exciting to see the cars continue to improve and make steady progress.

One of the milestones of enjoyment for Bill was seeing his wife Becky, fulfill her dream of racing nascar.