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Who Becky looks up to

The following are drivers I have got to know over the years of racing at TRP, I have a lot of respect for them. Ok so there aren't many listed yet, I am in the process of updating all the info, it's been since 2003 since I have updated. Please check back :)

David Bosley MS #41
David ("The Boz")Is someone I have a lot of respect for. David and I have raced together now for a few years. He is the ONLY driver I am comfortable being door to door with. We drive beside eachother so close I doubt you could slip a hair between us. He sold his Pinto in 2006 but is coming back this year in a Mustang. I can't wait to have the excitement back in our division. I let David race my Merkur on May 5th, he took my Merkur to the front and never looked back, never was I worried that my car wasn't safe with him in the seat.

Cassie "Squirt" Gannis LM #7
Cassie Gannis is a young female racer at TRP. I first got to know who Cassie was when she started racing Bandolero's at TRP. She then moved up to Legends, has raced a Speed Truck and currently races in the Late Model division. This gal knows how to race and has a lot of seat time in a variety of racecars. I respect her for her patience learning new cars, her ability to race a smooth line and her focus on her driving style and car capabilities. She is an incredible racer and I know it will be just a matter of time before she's in the top 5 in Late Models.

8-4-07 UPDATE: We at Flash Automotive Repair have become a proud sponsor of Cassie Gannis

I was RIGHT, Cassie got her first top 5 finish on August 11, 2007, Way to go Cassie!

On October 6, 2007, Cassie (my shining STAR)raced her #7 to her 2nd Top 5 Finish!! I know talent when I see it, she's incredible!

Cassie is moving up! Click here for info

Click Here for Cassie's Website

Robert VonColln MC#17
Robert owned the #17 Merkur which is now my new #22 Ride. He was a tough competitor on the track and always raced me clean. He raced a smooth line and was always making improvements on the #17 to make it better and better for each race. Robert and I didn't know eachother well before his unfortunate motorcycle accident, but today I consider him one of my BEST friends. I would do anything to help this racer, he is warm-hearted and truly fun to be around. I admire him for his continued strive to make things better. No, he can't do that on his racecar due to his accident, but he shows the same determination by striving to improve with physical therapy and other activities. He hasn't lost his sense of humor and his determination to win at anything he chooses to do is still present. Way to go Robert !! These pictures were taken on 7-15-07, it is just amazing to see how far Robert has come since 2 years ago when he had his accident. I am so proud of him!!