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Tuesday, 8 May 2007
Marriage is not working well
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Marriage is a union between two consenting adults to share and care for each other. It's a time when love for each other has passed infactuated level. After infactuation period comes real love which is a time two individuals now decide they are in love and wants to settle down to have a family. But l have find out that majority of most marriages stop at infactuation stage and then immediately go into marriage which then is too impossible to maintain , nurture,and nourish a new family. This is the reasons we have many broken families today. A lot of divorce cases. If there is genuine love, no one will ever think of leaving ,afterall, they are in love. But I discover that every one is selfish because there is no real love involved.
For new aspiriants, marriage will not work if you have selfish interst. You don't care about the feelings of your partner whether you are hurting her/his feelings or not. Communication line has to be open otherwise two of you will be beating about the bush. Be able to tell each other how you're feeling with certain things around him/her. And be able to accept any errors pointed out. Do not argue or try to ignore the person. Show geuuine repentance and try to change and if possible ask for help from your partner to help you change. It makes a lot of difference if you listen and take corrections. Remember, nobody is an island and everyone has to make input to each other's life for peace to reign. Men are mostly victims because they don't admit any error at all and they find it difficult to say sorry rather they want the female to always appologise to them at all times whether she's at fault or not. It's not wise because after a while she feel being used and from there trouble starts and the next thing is divource.
Always try to listen to each other and be nice for it cost you nothing. Be gracoius and show that you care, it cost you nothing rather it attracts goodwill to you.
Remember to have time for each other no matter how much hard it's to do. It's understandable that everybody is busy working but remember that somebody needs to smell you, somebody need to wisper something in your ear and put you to sleep. All these little things makes life interesting.
Appreciate each other no matter what you think you know or have and the other person don't have because two of you are there to support and make up what other person doesn't have.
Respect each other's feelings and map out time every week to review and evaluate activities for the week and see where someone has gone wrong and correct it. It's nice to treat each other as if nothing as happened and donot remember it anymore or make reference to it anytime in life.
Have the same friends and go out together to visit.
There are a lot more to say but work on these ones first. I Wish everyone a happy union and married life if you have interest because I know there are people who doesn't want to get married in life for what ever reasons they have. For husbands, if love life, always love your wifes and makesure she knows that. And once a man loves his wife, she is ever willing to lay down her life for you at all cost. Men , I have leak out secret, goodluck!

Posted by funky/fittest at 2:02 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 25 April 2007
Giving child a capuccino drink
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Capuccino drink is not really healty for a child. It belongs to the family of coffee and is more stronger than coffee. One needs to drink a small amount than coffee drink.
Coffee trees are indigenous to ethiopia in north Africa and the Arabian peninsula . They were transplanted to other parts of the world by dutch merchants and other explorers. Kaldi who was a goat herder became the most common legend in Ethopia. He observed his goats dancing and performing in a frenzy after berries meal from a bush. Kaldi was not afraid to try the berries himself. He spontaneously discovered that he was dancing in the same manner with his herd due to a renewed energy the berries gave. The news of this fruit energy spread out far and wide and monks subjected the fruits to various test and finally make a beverage from the roasted bean which was temendously strong and pungent.

Coffee beries were transported from Ethiopia to the Arabian peninsula, where it was first cultivated in what is today known as Yemen country. The first crude version of the beverage we enjoy today started
from Turkey. The Venetian trade merchants transported
Coffee to the European continent where it fell under harsh criticisms from Catholic church. Many people felt that Pope would have ban coffee as they call it drink of the devil but Pope blessed it, decaring it a divine beverage.
Coffee house quickly spread out across Europe to become centers for intellectual exchange. Euorpean great minds used this wonder beverage as a spring board to heightened thoughts and creativity.

Gabriel de Clieu who was a French infatry captain transported coffee to America. It also reached the tropical regions of South and Central America. The Continental Congress , in protest of the excessive tax on tea levied by the British crown, declare coffee as national drink of the then colonized United States. Coffee in Calibbean island of martinique became the predecessor of over 19 million trees within 50 years.

There are different types of Coffee such as Espresso, Ristretto, Americano, Caffe Machiato, Latte Macchiato, Caffe Latte and Capuccino
Coffee is grown between the Tropica of Cancer and the Tropica of Capricom on plantations in Africa, Southeast Asia and the America.

Capuccino in Italy, is a single shot of espresso with twice as much as wet. Foamy milk is added.
And espresso is a single shot of Coffee is about 30 Ml. It takes between 18-25 seconds for the water to pass through coffee grinds. Espresso originated in Italy. Capuccino is created when foamed milk is added to freshly brewed espresso. It is often topped with Cinnamon or chocolate sprinkles and sugar. And foam milk is made from Steel pitcher, cold milk and a mild milk steamer. Associated with espresso is a line of espressor-based drinks. Capuccino is riched and more dlicious

Since capuccino is more delicious than other varieties. parents are now tempted to give to kids.
Cappucino drinks to kids is not healthy because a child does not need extra energy. The drinks itself contain sugar which is not good for a child. A child has a potential energy or stored energy which he/ she is looking for avenues to let or burn it off. To give a child cappucino drink is a riddicule because it's sweet and at the same time dangerous to his/her health. It will cause stunt growth and cardiovascular episodes due to caffeine( two -thirds of espresso) and sugar contents. Even an adult taken it ,is at risk for adverse comlications of health crisis nevertheless a child. A child needs not to be awake at night since coffee keeps one alert from sleep. A child needs his eight hour normal sleep. Parents should remember that the building block of capuccino drink is espresso. The key ingredient is milk, almost 2% or skim.

Espresso is a strong coffee drink and one needs a small amount to drink unlike coffee which is more diluted. Capuccino cost more than coffee because of its delicious taste. The lovers of espresso drinkers described it as aromatic, rich syrupy ,smooth, bittersweet, caramel-sweet, and perfumy. A perfectly brewed cup of espresso includes a top layer called crema-a golden- brown foam, usually obtained with difficulty, that adds smoothness and holds in some of the aroma. The aromatic flavors of espresso is transfered to capuccino and thats why it's not fair for a child to drink it. It contains no traces of vitamins and is not recommeded to be given to a child at all cost.

This capuccino drinks can be found in any coffee shops, restaurants, Cafe, and starbucks.
I recommend that parents should keep a child healthy and monitor their eating habits at all times. Parents should be reminded that that it is a crime for them to give out money for kids to buy the drink, no matter how delicious they think it tastes.

Posted by funky/fittest at 3:31 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 25 April 2007 3:49 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 27 March 2007
Tofu is friendly meal
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Tofu is good for a meal. As usual, some people like while some dislike it. The two sides may have multiple and various reasons for conviction. I initially didn't like tofu because of its bland taste but until recently l have made it meal friendly. If you want to loss weight faster, make tofu a meal friendly.Tofu is appetite quashing protein food. It seems too light to be filling but will make one eat less food during meal.
Tofu is soybean curd which belongs to beans family. It's a plant food which is used in Asian as a staple meal as recorded by history especially Chinese origin. Tofu is a good substitute for meat in many dishes and soya milk can be made from it as well as many other dishes.
Soyabean curd is excellent source of protein, calcium , iron, potassium, and even has a generous amount of fiber. Tofu contains other vitamins and minerals like vitamin A,B12,D,E and phosphorus. It's low in saturated fat and sodium and is cholestrol, sugar and tans fat free making it heart healthy.
These qualities and versatile nature of tofu make it popular/famous among vegetarian Chefs.
There are different types of tofu; firm, soft, and medium firm. I usually prefer a firm one which is not soft or sogy. It'S good to cut tofu in meat like form, dry it and allow it to stand a little bit. Then put olive oil and heat it. Besides, olive oil to fry it and add butter for taste to give a nice brown texture on low heat.Moreover, prepare vegetables plus pepper ahead of time.
Tofu has a bland taste. However, it can absorb the flavours of other lngredients that it comes in contact, making it extremely high versatile meal. Tofu can be eaten uncooked or cooked. It tastes great on salad or stir-fry.
It doesn't stand up too long time of cooking, so when making a mixture, the tofu should be added at the last minute heated through and then removed from the heat
Tofu is cheaper than meat, fish and can be found in every grocery stores. Furthermore,I Invite as much as many people to try this wonderful meal especially people who are weight concious. It's nice in controlling one's appetitte most times. I'm worried about obesity eaters if they won't go tofu.Investing in a meal like tofu will not cause cardiovascular tendercies like most food ,since United States are noted for this monster disease. Good luck and Cheers!

Posted by funky/fittest at 11:47 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 13 March 2007
Broccoli is good
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Broccoli is good for everyone. Some may like it or some may not like it. I personally for sure like it so good bcause it has no fat, cholestrol. It is a vegetable. The carbohydrate and sodium content is very low (1 %). It also contain vitamins and minerals, proteins and also contain high level of dietary fat about 9%
It can be easily be steamed within twenty minutes. IT tastses so delicious with its sauce and meat.
It's very affordable and can be found everywhere. The fiber content makes it easily digestible if it 's not too soft and soggy. Broccoli is good to eat for freshness. I buy as much I can eat at a time and discard any left over. I don't store it in the refrigerator per se because I like it hot from the steamer to maintain its freshness.
when I combine broccoli with brown rice, mixed vegetable with stew , it comes out better. It waters my mouth reaally good and I can imagine it right now. Please don't get jealous but I can allow you to tast it and see if you like it as I do.
Since, broccoli is a very light food, I encourage people who like to stay slim to make broccoli very friendly meal.
Moreover, I invite others to share this tasty experience with me by giving it a trial.

Posted by funky/fittest at 10:08 AM EDT
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Broccoli is good food
Broccoli is good food for everybody to eat. Although, some may like it and some may not like it. But I personally like it for sure because it's a vegetable. Vegetable and fruit are my good food to eat since they reduce the tendercies of cardiovascular and other terminal diseases. It has no tansfat, saturated fat, no cholesrtol. The carbohydrate and sodium content is only one percentage which is very healthy. The dietary fiber is nine percentage with sugar that has one gram. The protein content is only two gram. The vitamins and minerals content are very vital to the body with vitamin A 10%, Vitamin C 60%, Calcium 2% and iron 2%.

I like broccoli if its steamed which can be done under twenty minutes. I don't like it soft because of lossing its nutritous content. It also very good for the digestive system to function very well. If broccoli is too soft and soggy, it does not work well with my system. I like to make it with its sauce and fish. It really tastes very good. And when you combine broccoli with brown rice, mixed vegetable and plus sauce, it tastes very delicious. I can imagine a plate of this meal in my front now. In fact, my mouth waters now and don't get jealous, please.

Broccoli is pretty affordable and can be found everywhere. Broccoli has a lot of fiber which makes it very digestible because our system like giving them rigorous work which keep them healthy. It's really amazing that our system like hard work.
I like to eat it very fresh always. I try to buy as much as I need at a time without storing it in the fridge to its freshness. The freshness gives a young and fresh look.
Therefore, I encourage readers to share this experience with me by giving it a trial sometimes.It really makes for good health.

Posted by funky/fittest at 9:19 AM EDT
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Monday, 5 March 2007


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Monday, 5 February 2007
Best food is Brown rice
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Rice is best food.This is because its energizing.It helps one to do work. Rice has less sugar with no fat content.It can easily be cooked within thirty minutes.It takes so good
The nutritional value of Rice is vitamin A and D which is enriched. The word enrich means vitamin A and D are added back after processing. It is a balanced diet when combined with protein and vegetables unlike fast food which is junk.
Rice is pretty affordable unlike meat and can be found any where. It's a grain which makes it easily digestible.
I like eating Rice if it is not soggy. I like it crispy and dry.I prefer to cook it, serve it and eat it immediately without storing it in the refrigerator.
Therefore, Encourage everyone to invest in eating Rice. It's good for you.

Posted by funky/fittest at 9:01 PM EST
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Wednesday, 24 January 2007
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