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- Poems in English -


If the world was perfect, my tears would bring you back to me.

If the world was perfect, my song would make you sing.

If the world we live in was perfect, my smile would make you laugh.

If this place was perfect, my thoughts of you would make me smile.

If the world was perfect, your song would make me sing.

But this world is not perfect at all..


I know..
I let you blow away with the wind.
I still hear your voice, in my head.
I admit I miss you. I miss you a lot..

I guess..
I regret the stupid things I did.
I regret the hurting things I said.
Iím sorry, Forgive me?!

Try to remember to great things.
Remember we laugh and smiled.
We had good times, very good times.
Remember, you and me..US!!!!


I'm sorry for all the words i din't say,
I just let you go so far away

I'm sorry that you only can be in my dreams,
All i have is just memorys

I'm sorry we have to stay so far apart,
The only place we can meet is in my heart

But in some way
Iíll will meet you anotherday

Another time, another place,

I'll always remember your beautiful face,

even if we're far apart,

 I'll keep your memory in my hart.



- HJEM -