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~The Scene Opens~
The scene opens to black polished nails tapping on a oak desk. The cameras zoom out and
find out that the painted nails belong to the woman in the federation, Desari. She has her
head leaning in her hand as she taps her nails against the desk impatiently. She seems to
be tuning out the male voice talking of contracts and promos.
Man: Are you even listening to me?
Desari: Of course I am, Aidan!
The man known as Aidan sets down a packet of papers on the desk and leans on his elbows
towards her. Desari mimics his position and looks him straight in the eye.
Aidan: Then what did I say?
Desari: Something about shoving those papers up your ass.
Aidan rubs his hands over his forehead in frustration as he sits back in the chair. He doesn't
have the usual manager style. It's similar to that of Desari, in baggy camos and a black turtle
Aidan: Why do I bother to help you anymore?
Desari: Because of my sweet nature.
Aidan: Why don't you direct your "Sweet nature" towards someone a little more deserving,
like Chris Ebdon?
Desari: Because he has Cade. And frankly, Cade is on the scary side.
Aidan: I know! He's! I'm not going to go into anything with you besides your match
and contract.
Desari: Lighten up.
Desari sits back in her chair and props her combat boots on the desk. She starts messing
with one of the buckles on her pants, seeming to zone out again. Aidan pushes her feet off
the desk, almost sending her backwards. Suddenly, Desari moves forward and reaches over
the desk, grabbing Aidan by the shirt.
Desari: I wouldn't do that. You could have hurt your future superstar that way.
Aidan stands up and nearly towers over Desari. She still has a hold on his shirt and looks up
at him.
Aidan: You're not facing me, Dara. Get that through your head before you start pulling this
"Big, bad girl" routine with me. Just sign the papers.
Aidan grabs her wrist and pulls her hand away from him as her walks out the door. Desari sits
back in the chair and props her feet up again, mocking him. She leans the chair back
slightly as she places her hands on her head.
Desari: Men around here seem so testy when it comes to me. Like it's a crime against
nature or something. Aidan tries to act like the respectable manager and this Ebdon guy
seems to think he'll lose any respect he might have gain if he lost to me. He might gain a few
scars from Mr. Silver if he loses to me, I'm sure.
She glances up at the camera through the corner of her eye and takes her feet off the desk.
She leans forward and grabs the pen, signing the first paper she sees on the desk.
Desari: Ebdon seems to have a few things haunting him. But then again, 'most everyone I
know has something haunting them. Maybe I just hang out with a wrong crowd. *shrugs* Not
Mr. Chris Ebdon here. He's got Cade Silver behind him. That seems like a smart move on his
part. One of few, most likely. Not like me, who has to have someone that never stepped in the
ring once as my manager.
Desari rubs her chin thoughtfully and looks up into the cameras.
Desari: But then again, he's not a slave driver. So I won't show up to Wreckage half
dead......Or a complete mess. But maybe that's how Silver likes his projects, hard and
messy, an uphill battle. *laughs* Maybe that's what I am myself. Who knows....who really
cares? The only thing I know or care about is the fact that this is a new federation, new
opportunities, new opponents and new enemies to make.
She leans back over the desk and starts to sign the rest of the papers laid out in front of her.
Desari: Now, go before I kick you out with my boots.
Desari moves closer towards the desk and glances over her shoulder as the cameras move
out and close the door behind them, fading to black.
~The Scene Fades~