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No matter what type of dance you enjoy, whether you like to perform, choreograph, or watch, if you appreciate dance, you should join Dance Society.

Dance Society meets weekly to discuss events going on in our community. You meet new friends, other dancers, learn about new opportunities, attend shows together and support the WSU dance program.

When: Every Monday @ 3:00 p.m.

Where: PAC 127

Additional Membership Info:
General Membership of Dance Society:
General membership shall be granted to any interested WSU students, cast and crew of Dancescape, faculty, and administrators who are interested in participating in the activities directed toward the advancement of the organization as outlined.

Active Membership of Dance Society:
Active membership shall be granted to any member of Dance Society who completes a minimum of 3 Dance Society hours (any service that relates directly to the benefit of Dance Society, i.e. serving on a committee, working with community performances, supporting/helping Wenonah Player activities, etc.) and attends more than half of the Dance Society meetings a semester.

Active Absent Membership:
Active Absent Membership shall be granted to any member of Dance Society that are unable to attend meetings regularly, who completes an additional 3 Dance Society hours, equaling 6 total hours.

For more information, please contact, Lauren Mikula at:

D.S. Officers
Upcoming Events