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Culture Couture NYC

Culture Couture NYC...Be YourCulture, Be YourSelf.

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Who we are

So, I am sure all of you have seen a magazines at some point in your life. I have seen them too - with the really trendy over priced clothes. There's Hope! Hundreds of places sell clothes at their reasonable / affordable price.
We Keep it Real:

Culture Couture NYC was founded in late 2006 by two friends that were determined to 'change the game.' As an alternative to overpricedness, we began searching for places that sold quality clothing and products without breaking the banks. We, the Team, have collaborated our many unique cultural designs and influences. Culture Couture NYC truly believes that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

All of our clothes are limited and will definately be unique! We have developed a collection of looks that are fresh. This is your chance to really see what's good with the styles in NYC. We'll guide you to your look: Urban, Prep, Glam, Business, Indie. Stay true to your unique style! Feel free to give feedback at our email address under contact.

Stay Fresh,
Culture Couture NYC
So Fresh

August 1st, 2008


That's not a boombox - take another look. Its Lasonic and Famous Stars and Straps version of a old school Ghettoblaster. Its fully updated with iPod abilities and a sick sound. Ever since the announcement of a possible return during CES 2006, the highly anticipated retro blaster will finally make its 're-debut' at CES 2008!

Further details will need to wait until the anticipated convention this coming January! You don't want to miss the unveiling of the past!

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