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Rune Scape $$$$ Tips

RS tips and hints
-if u are a member go to seers and pick flax until u have 500-1k can either sell them for 100gp or make bow strings. Then sell from 125-150gp.
-member or not member get 1 iron for every 2 coal. Do this and make steele bars. sell these for 600 gp each!! Buy the iron for 100gp each and coal 150 gp each. Most people only buy high boundles of steele bars any of every things.
-any non-member or member can go kill green dragons and get hides and bones and sellboth for about 2-3k each. members can get a dusty key and kill blue dragons but i encurege mage or range. well because they are lvl 110 or somtin like that.
-member or non-members can fish lobbies catch them and cook the. you need 40 lvl for both fishing and cooking. if u are a member get lvl 50 to fish swordies. or get 76 to catch shark. then cook them i dont no lvl. sell shark 1k ea and swordies are 300gp ea.
-Non-members there are chaos run es in the wildy in black knighs fortrest near green drags. They spon 6 or 3 at a time so i make about 10k ea time>
-help from Killer Ma111-David5534-Blt741852963
Rune armour
pl8 legs=50k
full helm=20k or so
All equals about 200k or so

Some rune weps
Rune hally=100k
Rune long=10-20k
Rune b-axe=40k
Rune scimmy=25k
Rune mace= like 10k maybe

Dragon Armour
D med=1.1mil
D legs o i say=2-3mil maybe
D chain=20-30mil
D skirt=1.5mil

Dragon Weps
D long=100k
D dagger=30k
D dagger(p)=40-50k
D dagger(sp)=60-70k
D hally=350k
D Sear=200k
D spear(p)=300-325k