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tarantulas, do research!
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spider freak
Monday, 25 April 2005
my tarantula experience
Topic: tarantulas, do research!
I never planned on becoming the spider freak I have become! With much reading, internet research, and talking to spider shops and other owners I can now tell many breeders and pet shops more then they can tell me!
Species I own(common names)
female adult pink toe
sub-adult mexican red knee
female adult blue cobalt
female adult rose hair
female adult haitian brown golliath
female adult usumbara orange baboon
female trinadad chevron
female adult dodoma baboon
spiderling green bottle blue
spiderling brazilian red and white
spiderling tiger rump
female adult thailand tiger

I purchase adult females on most occasions because they outlive males by many years, but will snatch up a spiderling if it is a hard to find breed and the price is right. I have read and heard of females living as much as 25 years! Some males only live one year, others longer, but they live only to mate and after reaching sexual maturity their days are numbered. Unless you plan to breed, which is an entirely different story, males, in my opinion are worthless to a collector.
The first lesson I learned is never take anyones word as the fact without doing your own research! My first tarantula was an aviculara pink toe purchased from a pet store. They told me it was a desert spider and sent me home with a tank full of sand, a peice of driftwood, and a reptile heat lamp.
Wanting to know more about my new pet, I had bought a basic tarantula care book and did internet reserch.
Right away I disovered I had not a desert spider, but one from the south american rain forest! This spider required hummidity of 80%, and it was aborial, or a tree dwelling spider. I had to completely redo my aquarium, because dryness is the #1 killer of this breed. She now has vermiculite for substrate. Vermiculite is hard to get , I found it at a plant nursery, but have heard it can also be found at lawn and garden type stores like home depot. She has a small tree for climbing, a shallow water dish that her crickets cannot drown in, a thermometor and hygrometer, and I did away with the heat lamp and replaced it with a regular aquarium light wich I use for display purposes only, as tarantulas dont really need a light at all and my home is warm enough to maintain a 75 degree temp inside the aquarium.
Link to Photo Album scarey scarey spiders

Posted by freak3/stovepipesteve at 3:28 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 25 April 2005 6:57 PM EDT
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