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Reproductive System

reproducive dictionary

pregnancy timeline; 1-4 weeks the egg is fertilized and makes its way to the uterus.most major organ systems have started to form.the heart starts to beat.the placenta is completely formed. 5-8 weeks facial features begin to take shape and skeleton forms.muscles begin to move and embryo is called a fetus now. 9-12 weeks arms, legs, hands, and feet have formed. the intrnal organs have also formed. 13-16 weeks circulatory system works now.mother may feel fetus move. 17-20 weeks the fetus responds to sound 23-24 weeks eyelashes and eyebrows appear 25-28 weeks eyes open and the fetus can"practice breathe" 29-30 weeks layers of fat form underneath the skin 33-36 weeks organs are fully fuctional and fetus responds to light birth the baby is born and welcomed into the world