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Psychos Stash

Sup yall. The name is PsychopathLogical or RickCarling and im a new juggalo trader. youve seen the list of things i want, now i will tell you what i got. Let me know if anything jumps out at you CDs ICP: All 6 jokers card cds The terror wheel Tunnel of love clean cover Bizzar/Bizaar Violent J WOTH Forgotten Freshness 1 2 and 3 2 Dope Fuck OFF! Twiztid: Mostasteless cartoon cover Freekshow Mirror Mirror The Green Book Blaze: 1 less g in the hood ABK: Hatchet warrior Psychopathic Rydas: Ryden Dirtay Dumpin Dark Lotus: Tales from the Lotus Pod re issue Esham: Tongues Zug Izland: Cracked Tiles Psychopathic DVD/VHS: Stranglemania 2 VHS JCW volume 1 VHS Born Twiztid VHS JCW volume 2 DVD The Purple Show DVD Big Money Hustlas DVD Bootlegged in LA DVD Psychopathic Clothing: Jack Jeckel T shirt XL Shaggy claws t shirt XL Wicked Clowns long sleeve shirt XL Wraith hand with ICP XXL Twiztid Freek show T shirt XXL Bizaar T shirt XXL ICP on front wraith on back t shirt XXL Flexfit hat Black with red hatchetman Jewelry, Psy and Otherwise: Small hatchetman charm with different bail from original silver 24 inch Silver figaro chain Large silver cobra charm, 2 inches tall Small bulldog charm Celtic ring, size 7-9 dont know for sure. Silver Misc. Items: ICP patch (it just says ICP, thats it) Jeckel brothers patch Violent J Dark Carnival action figure Army of Darkness Ash doll,with chainsaw and boomstick Refs: (40 oz trader) (40 oz trader) If any of these items appeal to you, hit me up on msn or by email at MCL!

Things I want, so let me know if you got em

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