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Lepericon's Bio!

Well hello I am Mike but in the band I am Lepericon, so call me Lepericon alright. Okay since this is my page what should I tell about my slef hmm...Okay got it! Well lets start out with the basics. I was born May 27th, 1987 in Fostoira, Ohio. I am 5'4 right now, but I am in the path of growing yay...but that is not the reason why I am Lepericon, well may be one reason, but the real reason is well I forget it has just stuck for the last 2 years. I have dark brown hair and at the moment I have a afro, and it is like umm I want to say a bit over 5 inches. I have brown eyes. My fav. food is umm Mrs. Kitchen's cooking yummy! and Code Red.Okay that is the basics.

Alright since the basics are over lets next, well my fav. band that inspires me is System Of A Down, becuase I think they are very good band, and the music is just awesome. Other bands that I enjoy listening to is Disturbed, The Used, Papa Roach, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, and Three Days Grace. Those are just a few I have plenty more but that would take forever to type, but as you can see I listen to alot of differnt styles of rock. I have been playing Bass Guitar for 2 yeras now since March 2 yeras ago...I dont know the exact day but I know it was in March 2003.

Since you know the music I like and the artist, the abss I have right now is a Washburn, but here in the summer I hope to get a Ibanez.

How I met the Band
Well I really new Ryan(singer)during my 6th grade year in well it was called AA class, and well I hated him he was reaky loud and I was really shy at the time, and he just moved to Fostoira. Well after that year I never had to see him again but a few years later when I hit high school my freshmen year, I met someone and well got invited to church and well who did I see Ryan, still hated him. Then Febuary 2003 school was cancelled and I always walk around town by myself all the time, and well I seen Brooke and she was with Ryan, and 2 other kids I didn't know they were Robert(Guitarist) and Jared. So I wnet to Jared's with Ryan and Robert and my hate for him started going away coz he was cool now. Then well I kept going to church and well I met Steve(Drummer)and he was alot like me, both had problems at home and stuff he was cool. I talked to him a bit. Then in the begining of March I hung out with Ryan and Robert, we walked around town all damn day for 9 or 10 hours trying to find something to do. Well then a few weeks at church during what we called mid week social, where all the kids that went to ahve fun and play games and stuff before UGA started Robert brought his guitar and I had no idea he played and I was into rap and I heard that and I was just in shock. Robert and Ryan were like in a band just those two that started December 28th 2002. Well Ryan, Robert, Steve, Ryan Oiser(Youth Paster), and myself went to hook up the guitar to the PA and well Steve just jumped on the drums,