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Warning: Dangerous Knowledge! Take care with how you will use Hackers knowledge and softwares. Here you can: learn how to protect you from hackers Trojan, Virus, Softwares. Get information about the last Hackers stuff............. OR: You can learn how to become a professional Hacker... We provide you these underground websites access only for you to understand how hackers operates and to protect yourself against them. We do not encourage you to use these softwares for illegal activities... Then it is up to you! "Be the good" or "be the bad"!

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Here are a few Hackers softwares available to download. Hundreds more available:

Theef v1.37: A trojan,also disables the antiviruses-firewalls,there is a webpage with all the infected IPs worldwide,the known cgi notify,some use standar password Size:1.473 Kb

CIA Trojan 1.23: An advanced trojan.Nice interface, cool commands and security.Supports skin changes too.Includes 2 cgi loggers. Size:2.090 Kb

Beast v2.0.6: A new trojan great interface, user friendly released at 22 april 2004 The trojan has a trojan editor included to fix your own server. Download the full tutorial to the Beast trojan! Size:795 Kb

The Net Devil v1.5: The newest version of Net Devil.A famous trojan allways up-to-date with nice features and layout. Size:1.125 Kb

Sub Seven v2.1 Gold*: Thats the best version of Sub Seven,right before 2.2 that wants you to buy it! 2 years ago i got more than 100 PCs hacked with this trojan! Size:1.461 Kb

ProRat v1.8 - 24.04.2004 release Advanced and updated trojan , allways comes with nice working options Size:3.133 Kb

Nok Nok v7.2: Nok nok is something different,DONT run the setup.exe, its the server file,run sysfiles.exe to get the needed files for the trojan client(urs)gui.exe to work. Size:1.104 Kb

MoSucker v3.0: Nice trojan , cool layout , written in vb6.0 , includes cgi-notifier Size:2.763 Kb

Undetectable v3.3: COOL trojan! Its not undetectable from mc Affee though but its its still great , much better than the aboves check this out too Size:479 Kb

[X]-ztoo R.A.T Released in public 1/1/04 by BrosTeam , it looks similar to Sub 7 , i think less options,remember that newer trojans are undetectable from not updated antivirus , looks like Sub 7.. Size:392 Kb

Illusion This trojan used some parts of the one above (X-ztoo RAT) long time before its release , published by BrosTeam Size:283 Kb

Y3K Remote administration tool v1.2: Another trojan with a nice menu , find a victim and connect to test it , uh also has ICQ notify Size:844 Kb

Guptachar 2.0: This trojan does not require its own client . This is because Guptachar runs as a web server. So once you've installed Guptachar on Computer A, all you need on Computer B is a web browser. Size:291 Kb

Theefle v1.0: Another trojan from the programmer of Theef came out,it comes with a small server 20/40Kb the server editor is in the client,it has cgi-notify too! Size:425 Kb

Optix PRO v1.1: High quality trojan from the lads at Evil Eye Software. Very reliable,has cool fun options Size:1.453 Kb

Latinus v1.4: I havent tested this trojan , i think it has the same options with Sub7,Nothin really exiting :o--==*```` Size:700 Kb

Syn v2.1: This version has the most bugs fixed.Nice trojan , looks like Sub7 talkin about the layout, check it out ;-) Size:1.000 Kb

Deep Throat v3.1: This is also a very good trojan , I like scanning for it as it has a master pass so you can enter in all the infected pcs. Master pass marked in red below whothefuckdoyouthinkiamgoddamnit3 Size:1.010 Kb

Bionet v4.0.3: Nice trojan , but most virus scanners pick it up , it has an option to disable any virus scanners/firewalls on victims PC , nice one and updated Size:1.288 Kb

Msn Extreme 2.0.2 [Preview Image]: A very professional and unique design, It's one of the greatest Msn Messenger Add-Ons ever created to date.Thanks to Softlad.Inc Size:435 Kb

Msn Block Checker [Preview Image]: A great program which lets you see who has blocked you on Msn Messenger. If the servers are down then you can input your own to ensure the program is working. Size:19 Kb

Msn Explosion [Preview Image]: This is just a simple little program that will make you very unpopular with your contacts, send 4 pop ups with specified text in each one which you can select. It's a very funny program to use and annoys the hell out of your contacts. It is definitely worth a download. Size:32 Kb

Advanced Blood Scroller: This is a scroller , a program that sends multiple lines to the other msn messenger and causes lag and if the victims computer is not strong enough it may crush(5%).Cool Fun program! Size:56 Kb

Furax MSN: SEND FURAX to the victim , when they run the file runs at the background they see a *fake error, you type [^_^] in the MSN msg window it logs them off , when they log in again their password is logged you type in [-_-] and the password appers in the msg window :-) (doesnt work on current version) Size:12 Kb *Preview fake error

Hotmail Hacker Gold: Send it to the victim ,when they run it type in the msg window $$$ that logs them off , when they sign in type any message in the msn msg window and their password - user will apear there check out the preview Size:13 Kb *Preview program in action

prevMSN Cookie: Upload cookie to the victim with a trojan , when they run it they will be promt to put in their MSN user/password,the cookie will log them to a file in c:\ called msnwin.dll , download this file and open it with the notepad and there you go! Size:12 Kb *Preview cookie

MSN IP Stealer: Send this file to the victim , when they run it their IP will appear in the chat window , the victim will see his IP appear in the chat window so they will be wondering what are you up to... Size:7 Kb

MSN Flooder: An MSN Flooder for messenger , type in the text and the times you want to flood,simple program , it does the job though Size:5 Kb

Munga Bunga 's Brute Forcer: One of the famest Brute forcer from Munga Bunga ,cracks user login accounts in sites by sending multiple user/pass requests ! Size:1.552 Kb

Brute Forcer - Authentication Engine Test 2: A Famous Brute forcer , it send multiple request to login a site using the words in the texts as passwords and usernames. Size:333 Kb

wwwHack v1.946: General hacking program for sites , it brute forces accounts , it has a proxie manages and can attack server if you run it on NT Size:432 Kb

FTP Brute Hacker: This program will brute force ftp accounts.Easy layout Size:89 Kb

FTP Brute Forcer.tar.gz - Unix: Attempts to use brute force guesses to gain access to an ftp account , Written in PERL Size:66 Kb

Wbrute.tar.gz - Unix: Brute force cracker.Guesses a login/pass combination for a html form. Woks on FreeBSD too. Size:3 Kb

Shadow Scanner-Brute Forcer [multi-tool]: The biggest multi-tool i have ever seen!! brute forcer,cgi scanner rar brute forcer , zip brute forcer , ftp brute forcer and a multiscanner for cgi bugs open ports trojans ect also a mailmomber ping trace whois, cool layout! Size:1,39 MB

Hackers Utility v1.5: A program that will 'brute force' passworded files (zip etc..) also includes port scanner,ping and dns. Size:402 Kb

POP3 brute forcer.tar.gz - Unix: Written in PERL.This program will try to brute force POP3 accounts. Size:66 Kb

words to be used as passwords: 4 Digits A wordlist of 10.000 numbers in 4 digits form. Size:22 Kb

Adult: Small wordlist of 148 adult words and names to be used in porn sites. Size:1 Kb

Large wordlist: A big collection of 53142 words to be used as passwords Size:150 Kb

Male names: 2925 Male names to be used as passwords or usernames. Size:9 Kb

Female names: 4956 Female names to be used as passwords or usernames. Size:13 Kb

Big wordlist: 35229 passwords Size:114 Kb

Top 1000 words: 1031 words to be used as passwords. Size:4 Kb

Cartoon Characters: 142 cartoon characters to be used as passwords or usernames. Size:1 Kb

worm virus description

00001: Just disables antiviruses and firewalls its undetected because its updated, 00001 is the update of 00000 and was released around May 2004 Size:10 Kb

Sasser: The famous worm that fucked up millions of computers around the world , started in Germany where it was programmed by an 18 old man Size:15 Kb

W32.Blaster.Worm: Exploits the DCOM RPC vulnerability using TCP port 135.The worm targets only Windows 2000 and Windows XP machines.This worm causes a 1 minute countdown before shutting down you PC , infected users need to remove it and then install a patch from Microsoft , for more visit them Size:7 Kb

Midnight Massacre: Midnight Massacre virus will infect .COM or .EXE files as they are opened, executed, or their attributes are accessed. Also, if the system time is 12:00am, the virus will delete any file executed or opened for any reason Size:2 Kb

Netsky: (No description) Size:21 Kb

Nimda: Nimda is a complex virus with a mass mailing worm component.It affects Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000 users. The actual lifecycle of Nimda can be split to four parts: 1) Infecting files, 2) Mass mailing, 3) Web worm and 4) LAN propagation. Size:24 Kb

Loveletter (ILOVEYOU VIRUS): The worm uses the Outlook e-mail application to spread. LoveLetter is also an overwriting VBS virus and it spreads using a mIRC client as well Size:16 Kb

Happy '99: When executed, the infected program opens a window entitled "Happy New Year 1999 !!" and shows a fireworks display in DOS to disguise its installation.This worm sends itself to other users through E-Mail when the infected computer is online. Size:7 Kb

MXZ: This simple virus when opend will bring up a Exclamation message box with a message saying "I LOVE DLL'S". Then it will flood there desktop with dll's and also the directory(s) "C:/Windows/" "C:/Windows/System32/" It also disables Ctrl+Alt+Delete in windows XP. This virus can cause fatal errors... Size:7 Kb

virus builder: DR VBS This little program allows you to add source code and generate your own worm/virus,it has some samples of code inside the zip too. Size:12 Kb

VBSwg 2 beta - Virus builder: You can make worms and add spread options like email or mIRC then you choose what to infect on computers,change PC name , go to url option ,antideletion ,polymorphic and many other options for your worm. Size:118 Kb

p0ke's WormGen 2.0: Nice easy worm generator that will spread through network shares and emails , it will scan for emails ,it has irc bot and more options. Size:329 Kb

RESIDUO: A DOS virus builder Size:53 Kb

More Hackers Stuff:

FlashGet v1.50 Final by Persian Hackers Hacker Smacker v1.1

IcqHackers Script v2.2a Russian

admin.txt 276747 Admin's Guide to Cracking Systems 64200 Allnet Hacker v4.0 555 No description available 2137 AMIDECOD AMI BIOS Password Cracker 145467 Advanced Netware Security Cracker v1.0 (for 3.11) 11741 ANV (R) CRACKer 2.0 ZIP Password Recoverer 7542 AT&T Calling Card Number Generator 17478 IBM Assembly Code Generator. Generate ASM from executable files.

assolink.txt 11949 Maine Business AssoLINK System - A Discovery

atm-92.txt 20096 ATM Hacking For The 90's 50275 PKzip AV Keymaker 1881 Award BIOS Password Calculator 105134 Blue-Dial V6.2. Now with SB/SB-DMA/LPT

beginphk.txt 3577 Phreaking For Beginners 22685 BGR 1-1900 Trojan Horse 61962 Novell Bindery Tools for NetWare 3.x 21386 BoxTone 1.00 (eta) SoundBlaster/AdLib DTMF 37132 breakzip v1.0 pkzip password cracker 13501 BRKARJ V1.0 ARJ Password Recoverer 14819 Br v2.0 BF hacker for unix /etc/passwd 73734 Bubble Chamber Disassembler 2461 Novell NW386 .NLM that will create a supervisor account when run 5920 Verifies the authtenticity of a credit card

cardit3.sit 94584 Cart It 3.0b3, for Mac's 9065 CBI Direct accesss software 27494 Code Buster v3.05 10565 Calling Card Dialer v1.00

cell9411.txt 21227 Stargate's Cell Hackers Journal v94.11 7571 Utility checks accounts for null passwords on Netware 44075 A utility to aid in hacking TRW 14382 Claymore v1.0 - cracks /etc/passwd files in Windows 45918 -= CreditMaster v2.0 =- 12648 CNA Inquiry 2.0

crackupc.txt 6794 Cracking the Universal Product Code (UPC)

csp_aol1.sit 1237000 CSP AOL Hacking Toolbox, for Mac's only (disk 1)

csp_aol2.sit 1274107 CSP AOL Hacking Toolbox, for Mac's only (disk 2) 58598 CyberHack v2 149504 CBI Direct Access Terminal Software

cbiman.txt 44915 The Complete CBI Manual By Video Vindicator 39179 Credit Master - by MPI Developmental Laboratories 13712 credit probe, by bloodlu 28530 DECRYPT V1.0 Word Perfect Password Recoverer 65642 Delam's Elite Password Leecher

dhcp-faq.txt 44440 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) FAQ v1.0 46604 DISASTER V1.1 Disassembler 54909 disk jockey modified killer cracker, v9.5

dod5220.txt 276747 5200-28-STD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Crit.

elevphk.txt 1329 Elevator Phreak/Hacking 8770 FakE! The fake identity creator v1.12 8007 fake cd v1.0. fools ware into thinking you're running off cd 45695 Fast pkzip password cracker v1.4 46375 Fast ZIP 2.0 Cracker 1.0.1 46676 FZC V1.04 ZIP Password Recoverer 11152 A program to steal Novell passwords 14464 Cracks .PWL files used for Win95 dialups 271115 game wizard32 v3.0 hex/disk/memory editor

hackbook.lha 150979 The Hackers HandBook Banned in Great Britain In 1985 197183 Hellfire Cracker V1.3 4407 Viruslike program which creates a back door in your favorite board. 7044 Hacking Directories #1 6091 Hacking Directories #2 7215 Hacking Directories #3 5490 Hacking Directories #4

hellhack.lha 98569 Amiga Hacker Utility, Finds VMBS/Carriers/Tones 66398 hex 5.1 good basic dos based hex editor 54440 hexcalibur v1.02 for dos 68645 HEXED V1.21 Excellent HEX Editor 46028 hex edit 108859 hexpert v2.1.20 for windoze 3.1

holelist.txt 16267 Security Hole list FAQ v7.0

howtocrk.txt 299115 How to Crack Software Protection to make a backup 304534 16-bit hex workshop v2.10, the professional hex editor 385004 32-bit hex workshop v2.10, the professional hex editor 27925 Intelligent Disassembler V1.2 2881 ICE v1.01 protects COM files 413814 Jolly Box V4.0, Ultimate Phreaker Tone Generator Project 42288 Killer Kracker V8.0 3390 Keycopy v1.01 keystroke recorder (great for recording macros!) 9149 Keyboard Key Logger TSR 12924 Dink's channel takeover script w/ source 16085 Netware hacker

lookup.txt 1879 How to Look-Up Information on Anyone! 435486 Lexis/Nexis Research Software With Scripts

mailbomb.txt 1251 EMail Bomb Script 17939 Master Hack v1.0 47962 Modem Hunter v2.0 498475 Rather Informative Collection of Text Files for the H/P'er 7864 Novell Hacker 59393 Nuke randomic life generator v0.66 beta test

nov-faq.txt 119598 Hacking Novell Netware FAQ vb3 81935 NOVELL Brute Force Hacker v0.95 10075 NOVELL Fake File Server v 1.00 11340 Novell Tools

novhack.txt 9096 Having Phun with Novell, by Lord Foul 10629 NPA Finder v1.01

npalist.txt 8033 World wide NPA listings by Information Society

nsa-sec.txt 53539 NSA Security Guidelines for NSA Employees 68148 NUA Attacker v1.05 - for X.25 nets 69219 Network User Address scanner for Sprintnet X.25 110864 The Nowhere Utilities V2.0 204712 Neverloc! Cracks MANY GAMES and UTILITIES! 72852 Novell Netware Password Logger 16708 NWPCRACK v.5 Beta Brute Forcer Cracker Brute Forcer password cracker for novell systems 58255 Omega Team Blue Box v1.10b 6398 OmniBox

orange.txt 328324 The Orange Book, Dept. of Defense Trusted Computer

Sys. Evaluation Criteria. From U.S. Dept. of Treasury's Bureau of Public Debt (AIS) 47611 Pirate Hack v1.0

pager.txt 23219 Info on how beepers are "tapped"

password.exe 2380 BIOS Password Finder

pchack.txt 32975 The PC Hacking FAQ 29318 PC Pursuit Thief Version 1.0 30738 playback v1.9c another keystroke recorder ;^) 55347 PBX Scanner v5.0 25394 Phry Code Pro v3.01 151159 PC Unix Password Cracker v2.01 18153 PCWATCH V1.0 Debugger 25596 PKCRACK ZIP Password Recoverer 37421 personal pbx for users with 3-way calling

ptech.txt 12042 The Technical Book of Phreaking 27551 Phreak Tools v1.1 139688 PROVIEW V1.2 Integrated System Analyzer and Viewer 98488 QCH v1.1 57856 RAM Communications Paging System: Commands and Operations 147082 RASspy: the Free Internet Banner Crack 143200 Removes p.w. protection and original disk requests from MANY games... 8197 Rconsole modification for Netware

rconfaq.txt 18506 Rconsole Hacking (novell)

readshad.txt 2344 C Program That Let's You Read Shadowed Etc/Passwd BSD File

refser1.txt 89178 Reference Series Volume I by Video Vindicator

refser2.txt 108950 Reference Series Volume II by Video Vindicator

refser3.txt 88928 Reference Series Voluem III by Video Vindicator 2744 ScreenSaver password Cracker 2749 Windows 3.x Screen Saver Password Recoverer 110990 Secret Of Lock Picking, With GIF Diagrams. 9711 Set Supervisor Password with this NLM 45607 Simplex Code Generator. Narrows Down The Combinations.

sniffer.txt 19288 Sniffer FAQ v1.7 4321 SNOOPDOS V1.1 DOS Call Recorder

soceng.txt 16688 The Social Engineering FAQ, by Bernz 49235 Spy watches people over a NetBIOS connection hacking 54331 Bluebox software

ta&m.lzh 8245 Account of Texas A&M computer breakins

tcp-ip.txt 34769 TCP-IP Protocol FAQ v3.3 52647 remote access bbs hacking tools 22094 DisLite, UnLzexe, UnDiet, UnTiny + Protect! EXE/COM 5100 UNZIP V1.1 ZIP Password Finder 166416 NuKE Viral Creation Labratory 27543 a-dial by vexation (no version

) 6774 Checks to see other users online with supervisor privs 42259 VrACK v1.0b - Voice Mailbox Hacker 24591 WINCRACK WinCrypt Cracker 28063 Microsoft Word Unprotect V1.2

worm.c 2373 No description available 42141 WPCRACK & WPUNCRYP V1.0 For Word Perfect 5.x 97986 Xenocide's hacking utilities, pack 1 102341 XIT v2.0 - Yet another Unix password cracker 28672 Instant virus production kit v1.0 (yam) 14018 Remotely snarf yppasswd files 112447 Utility to transfer NIS maps beyond a local network 19610 ZEXPL ][ Zip Cracker 19228 Brute Forcer attack on PKZIP 2.0 encryption. -source inc. 20592 Brute Forcer hacker for PKZip files -from Russia


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