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Denethor Character Category Campaign

Calling all writers and readers of Denethor fanfiction!

We're sure most of you know of the fanfiction archive, We're sure therefore that most of you are also aware that currently doesn’t have a Denethor character sub-section in their Lord of the Rings category. As the fan fiction writers amongst us will know, this is in no way fair.

At last count, in the archive there were approximately 70 stories where Denethor could be considered one of the two main characters (the figure is far greater if we consider all the stories where he is mentioned in the description, though these are likely to be small appearances in Boromir or Faramir stories). This is a larger number than the 44 stories in the Treebeard section, 43 in Lothiriel and about 21 in Celeborn--characters for whom there are sections already.

Does this sound fair to you? Of course it doesn’t. What we predict is that enough of us come forward requesting a Denethor sub-section, then will have to concede and create one. But how do we go about this? There are proper methods and we believe this is the best way to begin. Here is what's support FAQ says about requesting new categories:

"You must have a story ready to submit before requesting a category.

Request procedure:

Send an email to with all the necessary details."

Our "headquarters" is at this thread on the Brothers of Gondor message board:,168.0.html Feel free to visit it if you have any questions.

Link to the support FAQ entry:

Join us in our campaign to give this fascinating character the category he deserves!!

We'd love to hear any suggestions, feedback, or just some support for the campaign! Please take a moment to sign our guestbook, we read every entry and will try and take note of any suggestions to try and make this as effective a campaign as possible!

The Denethor Character Category Campaign Team

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